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Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello again! So I had surgery yesterday after a crazy roller coaster of a day. Mike cancelled his appointments that afternoon so he and Isabel could come see me. I had not seen her since 8 am Wednesday morning. She had a slumber party that night and Mike picked her up and spent a bit of time with her then took her to another friends house. Poor girl is being shipped off everywhere but I am SO GRATEFUL for the friends we have that have been helping us out. Izzy had a hard time when I was being wheeled down for surgery, and when I talked to them last night poor thing was crying for me to come home.
I went in for surgery at 6pm and came out pretty good. We have a friend that is a nurse anesthetist who saw me right as I woke up and called Mike for me. I'm guessing surgery was a success... I case anyone isn't sure why I went in, my cerclage stitch was pulling out and I was going to start dilating soon. Since I'm infection free the too flips of the coin were between letting me go and risk infection and probably deliver in a week or two. And the other side was do the surgery and have a small risk of sending me into labor but if it works it just might buy me another 4-6 weeks and probably keep me with not infections.

Obviously we know what which side of the coin landed up. So I haven't seen Doc yet but I'm guessing surgery went well because I have not had a single cramp or contraction since I've come out. They did put me back on magnesium to ward off any cramping before it starts and this time since they know they are not going to have to do surgery I have been able to eat! The only side effect is a migraine that has formed, and coke is the only thing sort of keeping it at bay but my resident is trying to see if they can get me some oxy codone to help me out. Also she is hoping my doc will let me get off the magnesium since it's been 12 hours... I'm just guessing my Doc will say no.. but it's fun to hope. I'm just praying something makes this headache go away. I just want to throw up from it but thankfully I'm not really stomach nauseated.

I talked to Mike and Isabel this morning, he took her home to sleep in her bed and go figure she's wetting the bed but I think she's just out of sorts right now. Our friend was there to pick her up so after prayer she says "I love you momma muah!" and kissed the top of the phone. HOpefully I'll feel better and she'll get to come see me tonight, if not I'm sure they'll come down for most of the day tomorrow.

So that's it. Doc's original plan was to keep me here until the duration, I'm assuming that's still holding true, if so I'm going to apologize to everyone now and do a pre-emptive THANK YOU for all who watch my girl.

More updates tomorrow! I'll try and get Mike to bring the new ultrasound pictures from this week. He took my purse home so they are in there.


Cheyenne said...

Things sound SOOO good for you, Tracy, in a weird kind of way! Love you!

Jeni said...

Thanks for the update. I have been so worried. And I know it will be absolutely no fun for you, but I'm glad they're making you stay in the hospital. I have no problem with you being bored and uncomfortable for 4-6 more weeks if that gets your baby girl here healthy! I'm glad you have such a good support system up there for people to help with Izzy and come visit you. And I have no doubt you'll be best friends with all the nurses by the time you leave. If you get bored, call me!! Will you have your cell with you?

Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear surgery wet well! We'll keep you in our prayers!

Meredith said...

I'm glad to hear it was successful! Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

And FYI, my sister is a NICU RN at St. John's (if that's where you're at). I gave her a head's up; I would love if it she would be able to take care of you all. I would like it even more, though, if you could skip the NICU all together!!! :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Congrats, Tracy! Hang in there.

tracyp said...

Meredith... what's her name? And Jeni, yes I have my cell with me.