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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

26 weeks

I made it to 26 weeks yesterday!!! So happy, 2 more weeks and it will be the longest I've ever made it pregnant. Yesterday was a great day. Mike felt SO much better and was able to go to his class, Becca came over and we finished off the cute flower headbands as seen here they turned out really cute! Note: an embossing gun works well in place of a lighter. I had my ultrasound and it appears that my cervical length hasn't changed at all since last week, awesome news, physical therapy stopped by and tried to fix my SI joint and reminded me of simple things to do and I found out I can start doing some small exercises, which is great because I'm losing so much muscle. I remember my Bama girls at a wedding commenting on how I didn't have a stomach and I had to remind them that I never carry far enough...well here's my lot, I'll have to replace/rebuild every muscle in my body because it will be completely gone!
After all that Mike stopped by for a second, I had a steak dinner, and then a friend came over and spent another hour or so with me and brought me Twizzlers!

It really was a great day. I have been so blessed while I'm here and great friends, family, doctors etc. I am very, very fortunate. Oh and I just found out that I won a new Cuisinart bread maker from http://www.fabulousfunfinds.com/. I'm so excited to make cinnamon rolls and homemade bread whenever I get home!!


lesliem said...

woo-hoo! The half year mark! Dad sent me the funniest email about what he and Isabel did. The tooth brushing contests are my fave. It's so dad! Remember 'whoever puts on the seatbelt first gets a gold medal'?! Sometimes I still think of that when I get into the car. Go dad! Using silly competition to instill good habits! I'm glad all's going well, Mike's OK and you're busy making cute headbands. Congrats on the bread maker!

Chez Nous said...

Yeah Tracy...on it all...but mostly for making it to 26 weeks. Like the docs say...one day at a time. I may actually do the headbands for my nieces' bday.