Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wild weekend!

Starting this past Thursday we had amazing weekend (insert sarcasm here). My mother-in-law showed up to my work about 5pm on Thursday, I get zero cell reception at the high school I've been covering for 2 weeks, and said that Mike passed out at home and had to call our Dr. friend from our ward. So I called Danessa and she said that Mike look AWFUL. Apparently Mike was checking on Isabel and was trying to get to her when he passed out in my dinning room. He came down with a temperature that day and was feeling pretty crappy when I left. So our Doc weighing all of 130lbs had to practically carry my 230+ husband to the couch. She thought he had full blown influenza. Thankfully we had some friend who came and gave him a blessing and stayed with him and brought him soup and gatorade (by the way those two men are now on their death bed also). So Friday I had to leave and go to work but Mike wasn't' completely dead yet. I came home from work and felt funny and Izzy was SOOO tired and getting a little sick. So Sat. morning I woke up at 1:30 and for the next 7 hrs ever 30 min, I got sick. Mike slept on the couch because he wasn't feeling well either, I guess Isabel was coughing (think pneumonia and TB put together) and was calling out for me in the middle of the night, I never heard her, not that I could have gotten to her either way. So Saturday Mike and I had our respective couches with Isabel miserable between us. We finally started feeling better that night and after Isabel slept for hrs Mike and her stayed home from church and I can finally say at 9pm on Sunday that other then a runny nose and funny cough of Isabel and the same cough from Mike we are back to normal. Tomorrow comes the sanitizing of the house! Hope your weekend was better!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


SO I guess I never really said what we did for Christmas...Mike and I woke up Tuesday morning and when I crawled back in to bed after using the restroom I had a beautiful handmade white gold necklace that Mike made me at my parents house. My dad donated the gold and Mike spent hours making it. It's the star of Melchezidic. (sp). I LOVE IT! By this time it was 7:30 and I asked Mike if we should open stockings but he didn't want to since Isabel wasn't up yet, so we went and woke her up! We then went thru the fun task of sorting presents...I think Izzy had about three times as many as we did! Family was good to her. Then we ate my FABULOUS pumpkin cinnamon rolls.. they were so good this year..I actually cooked them all the way this year. We read Luke 2 and then hung out for the rest of the day. Oh yea we planned how we were going to spend our giftcards to Lowe's and HomeDepot. I had asked for them so Mike can build me some shelves throughout our house. Mike's family came up about 4:30 and since Cindy and I couldn't decide the other day what to cook I really wanted her chicken asian salad so we had a 'Chinese' dinner. I made sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, Cindy made her salad and we had peanut butter choco chip cheesecake for dessert. Not your normal dinner but since I don't really like ham, or roasts or most traditional foods we needed something else. Next year we might try tamales.
The best part of the days following Christmas was that Cheyenne, Aubrey, Olivia and Peanut (who cristened my house!) came and stayed with us on their way back from Nebraska. It was so good to see them and spend some time with them. They left at 9am the next morning. When I picked up Olivia for the first time I totally forgot how light babies are! She felt about 4lbs...I was so glad that everyone came! Even peanut who literally scared the 'crap' out of my Gibby. Poor peanut finally just tolerated Gibby the next morning. So if anyone is driving across country..(bless your soul) feel free to come crash at my house!

New Pictures!!!

Ok so My fabulous husband figured out how to get my pictures on to my computer and since my computer hasn't died yet, hopefully this will work! I have some picutres from when my sister was here and from Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys!