Saturday, May 29, 2010

All the info

Ok, so now that everyone knows! I'm 14 weeks 5 days along. I had a cerclage at 13 weeks and once the cramping stopped have been feeling great. My Doc is confident with the procedure and will be watching me like a hawk from weeks 20-24 especially. I see him every 2 weeks between office visits and ultrasounds and once I hit 20 weeks I'll be having ultrasounds every 2 weeks unless one of them shows a decreased cervical length then I'll be back 3 days later after bed rest to see if the 'problem' is fixed. I'll be on bed rest at some point but I'm hoping to make it at least to 20 weeks and hopefully to 24 before that happens. Once I get to 30 weeks Doc isn't as concerned. Funny thing... once I hit 15 weeks... that could be 1/2 way thru my pregnancy! Hopefully not.. but I had that thought going to bed last night!
So far all is good. I start my progesterone shots at 16 weeks and they are coming out to the house to give them to me. YEAH!

So far all is good. I've been modifying my activity already and trying to take it easy. I have learned the squatting while doing searching through papers is a big no-no, causes cramping, and picking up Isabel is also a big no-no.

That's about it! I'll keep posting..we may have figured out the internet situation at the house in the next week and if so I'm going to try and do a daily blog entry of my exciting life during this pregnancy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


There once was a little bean
who could grow up to be anything
it wasn't quite sure
there's so much to choose

The bean's mum and dad
thought... this isn't so bad
we could teach we could train
help it to expand it's brain

Really all they wanted
is for the bean to get started
on its life's story
and they could watch all it's glory....

so for now while they wait..
so 'patiently' for it's fate
before they strike up the band
they'll have to deal with the little hand

Introducing 'Charlie' Isabel is obsessed with the name Charlie and is so sure that it's a girl... this is the only name we're allowed to call her... and no it will not be the official name whether boy or girl.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

going on with it all

Another week has gone by. Nothing super exciting. Lots of laying on the couch and watching movies, just that kind of week. Isabel has coined a new phrase that I'm using and love it. She was watching the news and a teaser about a booby trap for some bikers that were racing and when they all fell and crashed going around a corner she says "mom, now that is a humpty dumpty" Love it.

Mike has been crazy with business mtgs, mtgs and mtgs. We are the proud owners of a 165 qt cooler. We are hosting 4 open houses for Mike's business and we have sponsors to pay for it all and we realized it would be cheaper for us to do the food ourselves so we bought a few neat serving pieces from Costco and we're doing the food run the 1st week in June. I'm so excited! The food is going to be so good and I get to make some of the most amazing cookies.... yeah Mike will be completely off his diet and phase in period so he's going to love it also!

That's our update for now, we're trying to head out to Seattle the 3rd week in June so hopefully that will happen. We're also hoping to get to Atlanta to see my Grandma this summer, she is in the early states of dementia. On the plus side that will mean a side trip to ALABAMA!!! Man 2x in one year! We'll keep our fingers for that one!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The mini van is cool again... This is for all you that own one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Isabel's 4th Birthday

So on May 1st Isabel turned 4. We had a ton of fun with her soccer practice that we took cupcakes too, birthday party, then vegging out later on the coach after being wiped out!
I made a cat cake that turned out pretty well, the cheeks were supposed to be the hostess snowball things, but since I couldn't find them and couldn't bring myself to actually have anyone ingest those crazy things, I just opted for powered doughnuts.
Isabel had some great friends come over and she loved seeing everyone. Her Auntie Leslie called her from Tanzania, Auntie Katie from Utah and the Grandparents and great Aunts and Grandmas were called to say thanks for the presents. By the end of the day Isabel was a bit tired of the phone!

Playing outside at the party with friends

Playing with her alien fishing game that was given to her by Ian

My 1st attempt at a themed cake

finally got those silly candles to blow out!

Love this picture of my big girl. Her new dress and necklace she made from a kit she got. She wore it to church the next morning.

Friday, May 7, 2010

March of Dimes

So here are some fun pictures from our March of Dimes walk a few weeks ago. THANK YOU to all who where able to support and participate with us. We had a very small team this year but it was great to have family come. One of our cousin's even skipped his track meet because it was so important for him to be there. It was much more of an emotional day then I thought it would be. Both Mike and I really had a tough time, but we had a wonderful experience.
We started off letting Isabel play in the moon jump, ate some bagels, went on the walk and Isabel even walked the whole way! well... 2.9 miles, she was carried for a brief time. We made good time, and Isabel held on to her sucker the whole time! Longest lasting sucker ever. :) After the walk and eating lunch we made it over to the other activities and Isabel played on the basketball game, and cheated but it was fun nontheless. So enjoy the pictures!