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Monday, August 20, 2007

New House

YEA!!! We finally closed on Friday...This was not as exciting of a day as I had hoped. The builder forgot to send some stuff over to the mortgage co. and there was a small discrepency in the total loan amt so we had to wait for 4.5 hrs. I was not happy but by that afternoon we had a sexy fridge, keys to a new house and a check from the title co. I will post picutres as soon as I can. We don't have internet access yet on at our new place so it may be awhile before I post again. Since we've gotten some work done painting and such this weekend...I LOVE IT!!! I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a difference a Year makes

So this is a little belated but I was looking at my cute daughter last night (as we were shooting her first naked video!) and started thinking about how far she has really come in that last year. This is from approx. the picture from the zoo was approx one year from her home coming from the NICU last year. Following is a list of basic comparisons from '06
'06 = 16" (three inches longer then birth)
'07 = 29"

'06 5 lbs 14oz (3lbs and 10oz more then at birth)
'07 21 lbs

It may not seem like such an amazing thing to most people but I think its the pictures that put it into perspective. I'm so proud of my feisty daughter (about the only thing on her she gets from me!)


Communication is a wonderful thing...except when you don't have it. Mike just called me and needed me to make a phone call for him regarding work on the house he his renovating. This conversation took about 5 minutes 4 of which were spent in utter confusion on my part. He wanted me to call a company to measure a glass wall where we were taking out a window and have them install it...right...no.. he wanted me to have them measure and install a window and bring the glass for the shower. I fully realize that to most people this doesn't seem like a problem... I was so confused and he was sidetracked so that's how our 1 minute conversation took 5.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


First off I have to say that I love how I won't post for days and here is my third post today! I was tagged by my friend so here we go!

1. Who is your man? Mike
2. How long have you been together? 3 years
3. Dating/Engaged/Married? We started dating in January, engaged in April and married in August (the first week of all three months)

4. How old is your man? 26

You or your man
1. Who eats more? Him
2. Who said "I love you" first? he did, I was determined to not say it first...
3. Who is taller? He is 6'1", I top out at a fabulous 5'4"
4. Who sings better? Me at least I think so...
5. Who's Older? I am
6. Who's smarter? Well, since I'm older and wiser...actually it depends on the subject
7. Who's temper is worse? Mine!!!
8. Who does the laundry? Usually me but he does help out alot
9.., Who does the dishes? Me unless I've been lazy and then he does them...
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Mike
11. Who's feet are bigger? His
12. Who's hair is longer? Mine
13. Who's better with the computer? Mike
14. Who mows the lawn? Since we don't have a lawn...neither!
15. Who pays the bills? He does, they'd never be done on time if I did them.
16. Who cooks dinner? Usually me but he's been stepping in a lot lately..
17. Who drives when you are together? Depends on who's more tired..usually he does
18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? Now me..he lost his check card.
20. Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong? Mike, he doesn't like me to be mad at him...plus I'm older and wiser...
21. Who's parents do you see more? Mike's, they're a 25 min drive, mine are a 4 hr flight
22. Who named your dog?No dog but one coming soon!
23. Who kissed who first? I say he did, he says me...really I thought he was going to kiss me so I turned slightly and he thought me turning was my way of being forward and kissing him first...so our first kiss was an accident(?!)
24. Who asked who out? He asked me out
25. What did you do? Went to Applebee's and to see Paycheck
26. Who proposed? Mike
27. Who's more sensitive? Mike
28. Who has more friends? Me
29. Who has more siblings? He does, lil' Katie threw off the balance...but I wouldn't trade her
30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Both of us if their clean...

Unsolicited Advise

I am borrowing this wonderful bit from my friend Debbie's blog..I read it had to laugh so here's to everyone mother that can relate...and for those who need to be reminded that if we want advise...we ask!

"one thing i have discovered since becoming a mother is that perfect strangers love to give advice. so i have learned to lie. about most anything. i find it is perfectly acceptable for me to tell people that don't matter that my child is fine, he/she never throws tantrums, eats everything on his/her plate, crawled at 3 months and walked at 6, has shown a propensity for speaking in full sentences at one year and has never EVER needed a perfect stranger in the line at sam's club to scold them for bad behavior. that is my job thank you very much!

"list of things i would like to say to people who needlessly give me advice:
1. yes, i know she is only two weeks old, but i have too much to do to stay at home and cloister her from all the germs in the world.
2. he doesn't want to be held by you because you are a stranger, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with him.
3. yes, i am aware he is yelling my name over and over again. if i could stop it i would.
4. no, pacifiers do not give you orthodontic problems. but you might have some after i punch you in the mouth.
5. she's a girl for crying in the night! she's wearing PINK!
6. just because we have a boy and a girl does not mean we are "done". i don't see how that is your business anyway, mrs. walmart checker!
7. yes, all of our clothes have stains on them. we are not blind. we are just busy.
8. you're kidding, my son is running down the aisles of the grocery store? goodness, your children must have always walked in straight silent lines. please teach me how to do that!
9. yes, i know that she has no shoes on. it is freaking july in alabama!"

... and here is one of the comments she received:

"The big one I get is when we are out for walks, 'The sun is in your baby's eyes. You need to put a hat on him.' Yeah, so he can rip it off and throw it on the ground like he did the last 5 times I put it on him before you came along."


Yesterday was an interesting day. I hate being a girl some days. All day I was helping a friend go thru some of her things and try to clear stuff out for a move, when I had a phone call saying that the mortgage co.for our new house (we close in 2 days!!!) did not have all the information they needed. Now we all now that I thrive on a little stress in my life...but being "stressed out" stinks. So I had to run up to St Charles and take care of it which took awhile. If the company didn't get this information we would not have been able to close this Friday. Why do people always want income/tax stuff when it's put away and you can't get to it? Then I had to run to the post office just to mail some stuff..oh yea, Isabel was awake back at the house and crying (someone was home...I didn't leave her by herself!), so I had to run back there and it was hard getting things accomplished with her wanting to play in all the piles we had for Goodwill, garbage, other people's things ect. So Mike was finally coming home, but was running an hour late, I had a YW presidency meeting that night and Isabel didn't want to eat dinner even though she hadn't eaten all day...so back to my hating being a girl some days. I was so stressed and Mike was finally home as I was trying to leave and I went to say goodbye and proceeded to stub my toe on the highchair. Then I started to just cry. Honestly, it didn't hurt..we not bad enough to cry, I just don't know of any guy that would cry at that point. Anyways, luckily when that day was over and I came home from my meeting (which I was supposed to clean the church after the meeting but the other couple assigned has already done it! THANK YOU HOOD FAMILY!) so Isabel was sleeping and crashed on my shoulder when I walked her in. It was so sweet and it made me remember that no matter how bad the day, not matter how stressful, I still have a wonderful family to come home to and this sweet daughter that can melt away all frustration in seconds.
Here's to hoping ya'll don't have a stressed day anytime soon!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Arrival!

Here are some pictures of Aubrey and Cheyenne's baby...Her name is Olivia Tynne ( I hope I spelled it right...Tynne (pronounced tin-knee is a family name)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have to say congratulations to Cheyenne and Aubrey Martin! They had their first little miracle baby this morning around 12:30am. I"m so excited for the two (three!) of them. They had a little girl that was approx. 6lb 9oz, true to form Cheyenne hasn't decided on a name yet but when they do if they let me I'm posting a picture of her. I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet but I just got off the phone with Aubrey who changed her first poopy diper (yea!! a Dad who changes them!). I cannot wait to get down to Bama and visit them this fall. I think we'll head down for Lacy's wedding in Nov and stay for a week or so. This has been an amazing year, two of my best friends had babies that were miracles! Congrats again to the Martin family!

Friday, August 3, 2007

14 days

Just 14 days to go until we close on our new house! I am so excited I can't stand it! Mike will hopefully be taking the day off that we close so we can immediatly start painting and getting it ready. We want to have most of the painting done by Saturday so we can start moving in on Monday/Tuesday. I figure we'll be out of this basement by the end of that week, but we'll still be coming back to help her move and get her house ready. Izzy's room will take a while to finish but if we can get it started then it can be a work in progress.

Speaking of Isabel, she took 23 steps on Wednesday. She took 19 then squatted in the grass for a minute then took her last 4 steps. She was SO proud of herself! She's getting a little better about keeping her feet closer together and not trying to walk like a sumo wrestler! One day we'll get the pictures and video posted!