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Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a difference a Year makes

So this is a little belated but I was looking at my cute daughter last night (as we were shooting her first naked video!) and started thinking about how far she has really come in that last year. This is from approx. the picture from the zoo was approx one year from her home coming from the NICU last year. Following is a list of basic comparisons from '06
'06 = 16" (three inches longer then birth)
'07 = 29"

'06 5 lbs 14oz (3lbs and 10oz more then at birth)
'07 21 lbs

It may not seem like such an amazing thing to most people but I think its the pictures that put it into perspective. I'm so proud of my feisty daughter (about the only thing on her she gets from me!)


lesliem said...

Stop it! I'm tearing up! Look, I'm crying!

Thanaglim said...

Wow, how precious. She looks gorgeous and she has grown so much.

tracyp said...

Thanks Kim, I think she's gorgeous also but then again I am biased!

Caroline said...

Wow! What a miracle!

Southern Princess said...

WOW Tracy! She has grown so much, is so beautiful, and so lucky to have such wonderful parents! I thought about you on Friday, the closing and all... how did it go? Are you just jumping up & down, has it sunk in yet? YOUR Home. I know you have lived in other houses, but this is so different, wonderfully different! Keep me up to date! We love you!!