Thursday, April 23, 2009


If I were to open an online store, what types of products would you purchase from me?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Calling all people!
This is the last week to donate to our team for March of Dimes. Please, Please, Please donate what you can be it $5, $10, or $100. THANK YOU for your generosity! Just click on the March of Dimes banner to the left and it will take you to it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Catching up

Since I haven't posted pictures in quite awhile I thought I'd combine a couple of posts. Some are from playgroup at my house the week before Easter, we decorated egg-shaped brownies.

Easter Sunday it was cold, windy and dreary outside that day so we just took a couple of pics on our couch, and of course did not get any family shots. one day! We haven't had family pictures taken in so long. Granted maybe if we actually asked Mike's parents since they used to teach photography and do a good job, but they are so busy we hate to bother them. So maybe one day I'll just learn how to photoshop our faces together. So here are the pics of Isabel's cute blue Easter dress, look closely, Mike didn't take off her sweater before he snapped the pics!

These are from Isabel playing with her Easter basket ( or her feeding trough, what ever it works as... ) and tiara.

These last pictures are from the day before Easter, we went to a Family Fun Expo and Mike and I each took a turn trying to catch 'money' to see if we could win a pair of airline tickets. We didn't but I won a new bag that is perfect for the gym and Mike won a really small blow up beach ball. (I will be entering in all contests from now on for our family, my prizes are better!). And the last picture of Izzy is after she had jumped in the princess castle moon bounce, notice the really red eyes. Yep she was worn out and took a great nap when we got home!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter thoughts

Last night we had an adult meeting for church (at stake conference). As they started the meeting and one of the presidency members spoke, he quoted my favorite hymn, I Stand All Amazed then we watched the Lamb of God. With all my funky moods lately and combined that with sleeping through General Conference ( I REALLY tried to stay awake... really, really tried) I knew Easter was coming up but hadn't really given it much thought. So as we're watching this movie about the last week of the Savior's life... it totally hit me. I'm ashamed to admit that the true meaning of Easter this year, well, I hadn't really thought about how we're celebrating the Atonement and Resurrection this weekend. I have always known (at least for the last 11 years) why we celebrate Easter but THIS year, THIS weekend, THIS celebration, THIS is why I get to have my Brooklyn with me, it's why I know that I get to have her for Eternity, If Christ hadn't Atoned, or Resurrected, we would not be able to live forever either, we wouldn't have been sealed together for Time and all Eternity. This weekend, the meaning hit me so hard last night. I get her forever because of what happened just over 2000 years ago. I am so thankful for my Savior, my Heavenly Father for sending Jesus Christ down here. I'm thankful for Christ being willing to give of himself, to be able to withstand all he did so that we can be forgiven, that the gap between us and our perfect Father in Heaven was bridged by His Son so that we can live forever.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My 'perfect' life

I have to laugh at myself sometimes. Well most of the time really. But only after the fact. My life is really good so when I get in funks it bothers me because I know that life is really not that hard and I should not be down. However we all have those times and these past few weeks have been mine. I just haven't' felt like doing anything, including be a mom. When Mike was gone last week, seriously I did not lift a finger to clean. Dishes, crumbs, laundry, it all piled up. I didn't feel bad at all about it. I re-read the Twilight series in 3 days and ignored my child other then to feed her a bit. I just want to get away. Mike and I have a free weekend trip that I am dying to go on to change scenery, mix things up and talk with my husband about things other then work and Izzy. To have a real date like feeling again. I'm sort of snapping out of it like we all do at sometime. I have been having fun cooking again and yes I have loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 4 times in the last 2 days. I even did 2 loads of laundry in the last three days. So life isn't that hard, but it's even better when you get a few minutes to yourself and get a haircut and eyebrow wax with out having to 'parent'. *sigh* It's my 'perfect' life.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still not much

I just don't have much exciting going on here. Well other then Mike finally coming home! He's been gone all week and I had a TON of stuff to do (1/2 for him). We got some good business stuff accomplished, I re-read the twilight series, and at the same time ignored my child. I love good books! We finally were able to spend a good day together running around. Izzy is sick again... seriously every two weeks she's sick for another almost two weeks... aaaaggghhhh. We all know my level of patience and it's kicking my butt! I did however redeem myself today and bought some puffs tissue with lotion (thank you Lacey for showing me the light), we usually just use toilet paper. So at least her nose won't be cracked and bleeding from blowing it so often. Yea I'm awesome. Now I get to make fajitas tonight since I haven't really cooked in 10 days because of everyone being out of town. ( I had gone to Omaha last weekend for a convention).
I hope to one day have exciting stuff to write about but for now.... maybe I'll start Katie's quilt and start piecing it together so I'll have new pics to post.