Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The long awaited

I know, I know many of you have been "frothing at the bit" waiting to hear about our trip a month ago. Oh sad we've been home for over a month!
June 11-23rd we traveled to Kent to see my awesome sister get married! The whole trip was crazy. We got out there on Thursday, about 3.5 hrs after we were supposed to, had a long layover in Minneapolis/St Paul. Isabel was awesome on the plane rides, so happy to look out the window and give narrations of what we saw. During the layover she was so great being entertained, we took the golf cart guys up on their offer for a ride to find dinner since our 45 min layover turned into 3 hrs. She rode a couple of times, played nice and didn't hardly make noise until I told her our plane came in. She wanted to get on and I told her that we needed to wait for everyone to get off before we could board... "hurry up people hurry up, get off the plane" were the next words out of her mouth! Then while we were sitting on the plane it turned into "hurry up and get on the plane so we can leave, hurry up everyone" we got a few laughs from nearby people. She turned around to the lady sitting behind her and asked her "what are you doing?" that sweet lady kept up a nice conversation with Izzy.

So we get in and as we're walking outside of the airport Auntie Leslie came to meet us!!! It was very exciting and Isabel was so exited to see her. Leslie even gave her a red butterfly necklace to wear (which a week or so later she thru out the window of the truck at the mailboxes, Mike had to go pick it up. Friday morning Mike left for Boise to see his friend Cameron for 4 days. Isabel and I were left trying to clean and get ready for the shower I was hosting with Leslie's great friend Alexa. Saturday my Aunt Barbie came into town to be of service.. she was awesome! No matter how high tensions ran, especially the first 4 days or so she just kept her head down and went to work.

We had a great time at the shower, it was pretty subdued but when you have a Mormon and a pregnant lady hosting... well... however the food was great! Alexa made Leslie and wonderful sombero.. lil' Mexican theme (no relation to anything else.. the food just sounded great) it was covered in.. ahem... well themed products. My favorite had to be the "binkie"

After the shower is was work, work, and work. I did get to see Niki, Ray and Keegan ( Niki is my most long time friend from JH/HS) I even have a couple of cute pics with the kids, I just wish I had another day or so to spend with them. And at the moment I can't find my pictures of them so I'll post those later. The week before the wedding I also saw my friend Kate and her two cute girls. Isabel hit it off with them wonderfully. Kate was doing the flowers for the wedding/controlling- mediating the family and providing comic relief. She had probably the worst job of the week! On Tuesday we picked up all the lilies for the wedding, they were mostly closed so Kate was going to try and open them up. I managed to try and cut my thumb off while stripping the stems of them, so yea that was nice. Thursday we were to pick up everything else from the florist and get started on all the bouquets, center pieces, etc. Leslie wanted coffee beans in most of the vases so that was my job. I had a project for the tables I was working on with candles and such and managed to leave them outside the ONLY night it rained... they had been spray painted. SO that project was about scrapped. Mike came back on Tuesday morning I didn't get to see him until later that afternoon but it was nice to have daddy around again. Isabel did such a great job the whole time we were there. As long as she was able to see the horses everyday she was happy so during the afternoon and feeding time she went to pet the horses and ride the gator so she could help feed them. OH my child and her gator, she would just sit and play on it all day.... hilarious! I'll post horse pictures later, it's getting late.

The rehearsal dinner was great, Isabel practiced her flowers perfectly twice then decided she wanted to walk down the aisle banging plastic spoons together the 3rd time. Man did she practice hamming it up... she totally performed during the ceremony!

On to the wedding day. Leslie and I went out that morning while she got her hair and makeup done then out to lunch with Alexa and Leslie's friend Terri flew out from Hawai'i to be there for that day. She was out of vacation days so she flew out on Saturday and back on Sunday... that's friendship! Lunch was great them back to the house for more stress and getting ready! Alexa and I were scrambling to get our hair, makeup and into dresses while trying to get Leslie the same, oh and the groomsman were needing to kick us out also to get ready quickly. The ceremony went smoothly. Isabel was ADORABLE as the flower girl. WHen she finished and Leslie was behind as leslie went to stand on the flowers Isabel tells her "NO don't stand on those!". During the ceremony I had to read a quote and was so nervous but I think it went well. Leslie cried, very unlike her, but super cute! I handed Isabel Leslie's bouquet to keep her occupied and she immediately handed it back to Leslie, so she gave it back to me. It was like some weird game of hot potato! Jacob and Leslie's vows were beautiful, they wrote them individually and were perfect for them. The rest of the day was great, the weekend after that very relaxing. OH.. food how could I forget to mention the AMAZING food. the BEST wedding food ever! It was all Hawaiian, authentic and oh... what I would give to eat that all the time. And our party favors were dark chocolate covered fortune cookies. The tables were assigned, the tables were all the word love in different languages. Very cool. Oh and I had to give the toast... it was odd but I think it went well... Leslie started tearing up so my mission was accomplished!

I'm sure there's more to write but this post is long enough as it is.... so for those who made it this far... enjoy the pictures!

Sorry this ones so out of focus... but it's still cute!

I love this cute girl!

These two were SO CUTE!

My beautiful sister and her cute husband Jacob~

And we need to see the cake and what post is complete with out the one random pciture of Isabel!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

almost here!

Wait for it... it's coming my month long over due post is coming. We finally have internet where we're house sitting... really like tonight or tomorrow....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I must have been like as a child.

My dad sent me this, I'm sure he's been trying to find some adequate way to let me know what I was like.