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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm walkin' yea it's me, I'm walkin'

Isabel took her first steps on Saturday!!!!! We are so proud of our angel for hitting this next milestone. Offically at 14 months and 28 days! She took 6 steps, stumbled and then took 3 more before she fell... She is so darn cute!

On other great notes, we stopped by our house today and the carpet is in, the light fixtures, most of the faucets etc. We decided to move our close up one business day to the 17th so we'll have Friday and Saturday to paint and hopefully I can start moving things in on Monday. My goal is to have the pod delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday so we can start unloading it. So many exciting things going on!

Friday, July 27, 2007


This morning I woke up very groggy and my phone rang about minutes later, it was the pest control guy! Precisely who I want to talk to at 7am. I love the woman whose house we're living in, what I don't love are the bugs. Anyone who knows me knows I am SCARED to death of spiders and roaches. Luckily I don't see many of the latter (knock on wood) but the former make appearances every few days. One of the daughters came by with her husband to take some stuff out decided to point out they types of deadly spiders that are in the basement (where we are staying). I was so glad that he shared that info with me. So all this to tell you that I just spend 1.5 hrs with a very nice man who traded bug horror stories with me. Needless to say if we were in a competition he'd win. He's been in the business since '89. So know I have an extreme heightened sense of awareness to bugs today and I have mosquito bites all over my legs, OOOH and I'm even more freaked out about bugs although I have learned to kill a few (those of you in Alabama will be so impressed...).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Da Bears

So we finally took Isabel to the zoo for the first time this weekend! She loved it. She was overly excited about the bears, polar and black, the penguins (one came up and "stood" on it's "fins/feet" and flapped it's wings about 1.5 feet in front of her.. She was sooo excited. The elephant was my favorite (altougth they only have asian and not my favorite African), however only the male was out. the females and babies were put up. Then the final was the monkeys! They were soo playful and all the little baby was swinging and playing catch while trying to chase or get the older ones to chase it. It even did a slide all the way down the hill...it looked like so much fun and Isabel wasn't sure which way to look there was so much to entertain her! I'm posting some pictures from this weekend! Enjoy...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

So last night Mike and I got our birthday presents from my parents (late in keeping with family tradition). They bought us a camcorder!!! We are so excited!!! Especially since Isabel could be walking any moment now! So I got the battery charged up ready for today I might just have to video tape for the fun of it! I'm off to play!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

So here are some pictures of Isabel...Auntie Leslie wanted them posted...

Have no fear...I took these to use Isabel as an example for a presentation I was doing on skull fractures. It was used as the most common way infants fracture their skull. Slightly sick and twisted I know...but what I really wanted to do was do the staging on the kitchen floor so I could put ketchup down so it would look like blood...to bad I put her to bed before I remembered!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mom's ?? birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

August 17th

So I went out to my new house yesterday and they said we'd be able to close as soon as the 17th of August!!! We can't wait. We have to close within 7 day of then so we'll close around the 23rd or so. Mike needs to finish the house he's working on. I( was jumping up and down.....) just wanted to share the good news!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

new pictures

So here are some picutres of my lil' baby, and my new house and my child eating a soccer ball...I guess we don't feed her well enough...

6 weeks away

So the family drove out to the new house yesterday!!! We have drywall and siding up! They think that we only have about 6 weeks (possibly 8) before our house is done!!! I am so excited to think that we can finally have a house to call our own and that we can enjoy with neighbors that we can start on a fresh slate with. We get to make new memories, start new traditions etc. I"m already thinking of how I want to decorate for Christmas. I'm also hoping that my family will come down this year but we'll see...I have only 6 weeks now to decide what I want to do with the painting. I think I have it all planned out except for Isabel's room. I really have so many different ideas as to what to do. Most of them involve a ton of crazy ideas that will hopefully foster tons of creativity . Many people think that I'm crazy, in fact I believe the exact quote from a "good friend" in Alabama was...."aren't her family genes enough!"
Maybe I'll get brave and post them for ya'll to see...but until then...my poor Isabel!