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Monday, July 2, 2007

6 weeks away

So the family drove out to the new house yesterday!!! We have drywall and siding up! They think that we only have about 6 weeks (possibly 8) before our house is done!!! I am so excited to think that we can finally have a house to call our own and that we can enjoy with neighbors that we can start on a fresh slate with. We get to make new memories, start new traditions etc. I"m already thinking of how I want to decorate for Christmas. I'm also hoping that my family will come down this year but we'll see...I have only 6 weeks now to decide what I want to do with the painting. I think I have it all planned out except for Isabel's room. I really have so many different ideas as to what to do. Most of them involve a ton of crazy ideas that will hopefully foster tons of creativity . Many people think that I'm crazy, in fact I believe the exact quote from a "good friend" in Alabama was...."aren't her family genes enough!"
Maybe I'll get brave and post them for ya'll to see...but until then...my poor Isabel!

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lesliem said...

what's this about crazy family genes?

Congrats on the house! Very exciting! I'm rootin' for the St. Louis xmas as well!