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Monday, July 16, 2007

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

So here are some pictures of Isabel...Auntie Leslie wanted them posted...

Have no fear...I took these to use Isabel as an example for a presentation I was doing on skull fractures. It was used as the most common way infants fracture their skull. Slightly sick and twisted I know...but what I really wanted to do was do the staging on the kitchen floor so I could put ketchup down so it would look like blood...to bad I put her to bed before I remembered!!!


lesliem said...

that is really... sick & twisted... but I love the creativity!

Southern Princess said...

Going to have to agree with Leslie. Sick. Twisted. Great Creative Effort! :p
So how was the big birthday? I was surfing the blogs and found this amazing person's site, with a tribute Happy Birthday to you, wow, that girl must just be super special!!
We have a new baby in the house!! I will post pics soon! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

jennihaywood said...

hi girl... i missed you phone call today but i will call you tomorrow! I miss the bebe!