Wednesday, February 16, 2011

March of Dimes

(see banner to the left)

Hello everyone, it's that time again. March for Babies is gearing up again and will be in St Louis on April 30th. Our family is raising money to help fight for this wonderful cause. You all know my history with pregnancies and the joy we had with this last successful pregnancy and being able to carry Stella pretty much full term and come home with a beautiful healthy baby.
If anyone wants a wonderful family outing for a day and has a walk near them they can join our team and still walk in another state. There is also a 5k run for any of my running friends. If you want your registration fee ($15) to be credited to the team I'll have to email the form to be faxed in. We are having t-shirts made this year for our team. It looks like they'll be about $8 and will be very plain with Brooklyn's name in old script letters (looking like it's a t-shirt for the city of Brooklyn).

Please join our family, here in St Louis or where ever you are. If you are not able to join us in the walk I would be honored if you could give what you are able, be it $1 or $1000. We walk for hope, hope for our family, hope for others, hope for continued medical advances to save lives, we walk so one day, all babies will be born healthy.