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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

still not much

I'm still a bit boring with posts right now. We had the missionaries in our house last night with a girl we know and her friend who is investigating. So Mike and Izzy stayed outside and when they finally came in they also brought a lil' bunny who was trying to eat my hycinths. Yes I know the 'dangers' to us and to the the bunny, we're not idiots folks. But Isabel wants to play and take pictures so I think we'll do Easter pictures with the Easter Bunny's offspring this afternoon... if the wind ever stops. I live in a wind tunnel. It sounds like my house is going to blow over, it has to be hurricane force winds, no rain, sometimes sun but major wind. I hope my flowers last thru it so I can take the pics near the flowers.
I need sleep, I'm off for a nap. I hope to have something more exciting soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have nothing

Here's to another post with nothing but rambling. I have been trying to find something to blog about for days and I have nothing really. No new pics, nothing overly exciting that most people would care about, but here is a list of some events just to make it look like I haven't been sitting on my bum for a week or so.

1. Had friends over on Sunday... YEAH for new friends
2. Macaroni Grill is doing a fundraising day for my March of Dimes campaign.... the St Peters, MO location on Tuesday April 7th. Come and eat!!!! 20% is donated.
3. Izzy is fully potty trained and loves kicking us out of the bathroom so she can do her business
4. She still has no body... just a booty
5. Mike's office is ready as of tomorrow so he is not longer working from home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's exciting)
6. I have to get started on Katie's quilt... she graduates in two months and I need time for the actually quilting and binding.

Yep that's it... my super exciting life. Bet you glad you clicked on my blog to read!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butterfly House take 2

For those that remember last year. Isabel was TERRIFIED by the butterflies, the worlds most gentle creatures, and my child was afraid. Well this past weekend March of Dimes held their March for Babies kickoff at the butterfly house so we went. It was so much fun. We got to pick up supplies needed to collect money and get more information to give to people about what March of Dimes does. Isabel was actually happy and a bit excited. She still was a bit skittish when the butterflies were too close (5 feet or so) but she had fun looking at the groupings eating off the plate of rotten bananas, the ones eating off the flowers, etc. Auntie Katie came with us and helped Izzy stay entertained. So here are some pics from the day and you can see Izzy smiling, so exciting! I also was able to talk to the lady in charge and get on her list of people to volunteer year round. I really would love to do more with this organization, they serve such a great purpose and I'd love to give my time to them. So for those who would love to help out also you can donate to our team for the walk this year. (It's my shameless plug). We would love to reach our goal and even surpass it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

the understandings of a 2 year old

This morning at breakfast Isabel was saying our prayer to bless our food. During this prayer she asked Heavenly Father to please have the food strengthen and nourish our bodies. After the prayer... here is the rest of the conversation.

Izzy: (Pointing to me) You have a body!

Me: I do! And you have a body and daddy has a body

Izzy: No! I don't have a body... I have a bootie!

Me: You have a body also (points to her body and explains that her whole body and where her bootie is)

Izzy: No I just have a bootie.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I know this is a bit late but my favorite, non-married, HS sister in law turned 18 today!!!
The family came up, we had steaks, 1/2 of us in sweats... now watching Wall-E with Isabel... good times.
HAPPY DAY KATIE we love you!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't hate the player...

The men in Izzy's life.. minus one didn't get a picture of him. Oh and she had never seen these boys before tonight and one of them she was running away from me to a corner with him. Where she learns these things....

Oh and my new skirt that I made yesterday to wear to the reception.

Mouse Races

Mike and I had a date on Friday night. My work has a party that actually allowed us to bring significant others! YEAH!!! So off went Mike and I to the mouse races. Apparently it's a fund raiser for the Firemen, no we didn't bet on any but we watched a TON of people get really excited about the $4, $6, or $8 or so they may have won. During the night this 'nice' lady from a different company (there were about 6 different companies there each having approx 2-3 tables) was carrying her pop cans from the bar area to her table when she dropped one. Standing about 5 feet away it sprayed me right in the face and all over. Without realizing it my friend Elena was turning into my human shield... albeit not a good one since she's only 5 feet tall and I had heels on. So Elena and I were trapped being sprayed and Mike and Mary were saved by the two of us. The spray went on for like 15 sec.. or so.. well it seemed like it anyways. I was covered in pop.. all sticky.. Oh and the lady the dropped it, not so much as a "gee, I'm sorry", or "Oh my gosh... what happened!". Nothing. It was then that we all noticed a wool jacket that was about 1.5 feet from the pop can and SOAKED.. liquid was completely covering it. It took about 2 seconds to remember that was my jacket. So off to the cleaners we are going tomorrow and I came home to a nice hot shower after being covered in stickiness.
Date nights are the best.