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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

still not much

I'm still a bit boring with posts right now. We had the missionaries in our house last night with a girl we know and her friend who is investigating. So Mike and Izzy stayed outside and when they finally came in they also brought a lil' bunny who was trying to eat my hycinths. Yes I know the 'dangers' to us and to the the bunny, we're not idiots folks. But Isabel wants to play and take pictures so I think we'll do Easter pictures with the Easter Bunny's offspring this afternoon... if the wind ever stops. I live in a wind tunnel. It sounds like my house is going to blow over, it has to be hurricane force winds, no rain, sometimes sun but major wind. I hope my flowers last thru it so I can take the pics near the flowers.
I need sleep, I'm off for a nap. I hope to have something more exciting soon.


Tara L. said...

What a cute little missionary you are. I am so proud!

socks100 said...

Who does that bunny think he is eating your hycinths. Doesn't he know who's garden he's in. Hope you got your pictures.

lesliem said...

Sounds like you've been lectured about bring in 'wild' animals. Just wash your hands after you play and go to the doctor if anyone starts foaming at the mouth. I saw the video and it was very cute. I made Jacob watch it twice more with me. He seemed to be excited to see it again... or maybe that was just me projecting. Regardless, Isabel is getting so big!

And she's such an attention hog! How sweet, like mother like daughter.