Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still not much

I just don't have much exciting going on here. Well other then Mike finally coming home! He's been gone all week and I had a TON of stuff to do (1/2 for him). We got some good business stuff accomplished, I re-read the twilight series, and at the same time ignored my child. I love good books! We finally were able to spend a good day together running around. Izzy is sick again... seriously every two weeks she's sick for another almost two weeks... aaaaggghhhh. We all know my level of patience and it's kicking my butt! I did however redeem myself today and bought some puffs tissue with lotion (thank you Lacey for showing me the light), we usually just use toilet paper. So at least her nose won't be cracked and bleeding from blowing it so often. Yea I'm awesome. Now I get to make fajitas tonight since I haven't really cooked in 10 days because of everyone being out of town. ( I had gone to Omaha last weekend for a convention).
I hope to one day have exciting stuff to write about but for now.... maybe I'll start Katie's quilt and start piecing it together so I'll have new pics to post.


lesliem said...

Stop her from drinking milk. I'm not morally opposed to milk but you know (I know you do) that it makes more mucous which leads to various cloggings and congestions.

OK, I feel better for giving you advice (oh, oh! Vaseline might help with the cracking nose). Your life, as always, is very exciting.

tracyp said...

Yea, I've already pulled her off Milk and most all cheese, I'm hoping that helps. It's too bad that she loves cheese and dairy as much as I do!