Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silly little Izzy

Isabel goes in spurts with wanting to use her potty. So yesterday morning she was really excited and we brought her mini toilet in to my bathroom so I could get stuff done while she was there. After playing for 10 min or so trying to get the seat comfortable I had walked off and suddenly I turn around to see Isabel looking all sad, like she was in trouble walking towards me. I realized very quickly that she had used the potty, or at least well, she used the floor next to the toilet. So after picking up pieces and mopping my floor and letting her know she wasn't in trouble... we laughed. Cheyenne remember when Peanut scared the literal crap out of Gibby in the kitchen... it was just like that! We're off today for ID and WA. I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

busy busy busy

Man we have been busy these past weeks. We got rid of our couches on Craig's list so once again my house isn't put together... (no worries for birthdays we bought a new one!) but it won't come in for another 2 weeks. We have been entertaining a few times this week and had great times with friends and family. Last night some friends came over and we played the game CashFlow. I had never played it but a total must for investors. Oh and I WON!!! Very exciting. We are leaving this weekend to drive to Idaho, Mike's best friend lives out there and we are driving his mom's stuff that never moved with her. So we are taking Isabel on a 23 hr road trip in a 26ft Uhaul. I'm guessing it will turn into more of a 30+ hr drive but we'll see how she does. Luckily she has many songs in her repertoire and loves to sing them. Mike is so ecstatic for a vacation finally for him. He hasn't spent any real time with Cameron in years. So Annette if you read this we are SOOOO happy to be coming and staying for the week!
We then fly to Seattle to visit my parents for a week and Izzy gets to wear her new pink cowboy boots with the horses so expect good pictures to come!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New floor pics!

They are finally here... pictures of our beautiful new floors that Mike and I (ok mainly Mike but I did cut a ton of the wood) installed. And selfishly a picture of our new chairs and lamp (notice I haven't removed the price tag off the lamp yet). The chairs, lamp and couch, which still needs to be delivered, are part of our Happy Birthday to each other (our birthdays our 5 days apart) and our...hey look we are finally grownups we should get real furniture presents.

Also here are pictures of what Mike teaches Isabel, and a couple cute ones of us today watching Mountain of the Lord.


Yes a staple amongst college students, I must admit at my house we had it also. There are fond memories of eating the for a week straight because out of the four of us living together no one wanted to go grocery shopping. However, sadly this tasty eat has not graced my lips in its fullness since that time. We do buy it, toss away the packets and use the noodles with our stirfry... but in a moment of weakness last night, I broke down and had a delicious hot bowl. Heaven never tasted so good. As I'm writing this, I am reminded why eating this does have it's side effects, I am resigned to drinking 5 gallons of water in order to flush all the sodium out. So while I may be overly bloated these next couple of days, the trip down memory lane was well worth it. So in loving memory of the yellow mansion that is no more....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What we've been doing

I have some pictures of what we've been doing lately. Our hardwood floor is finished!!! All we have to do is tuck the carpets and put in thresholds. I LOVE IT!!! In one picture Isabel is helping me hammer in staples from the vinyl floor, she's helping us paint trim in another... Mike is going to install trim this week. I finally got the last wall in the main part of the house primed out so it can be painted on Monday. Also are a few pictures from the 4th of July fireworks. We went over to a friends house with 5 other families and watched the display. Isabel LOVED it. She also enjoyed climbing all over McKenna so that's who's back side you see her laying on. After the grand finale she looked up and said "AGAIN!" It's been a fun week.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.