Tuesday, July 22, 2008

busy busy busy

Man we have been busy these past weeks. We got rid of our couches on Craig's list so once again my house isn't put together... (no worries for birthdays we bought a new one!) but it won't come in for another 2 weeks. We have been entertaining a few times this week and had great times with friends and family. Last night some friends came over and we played the game CashFlow. I had never played it but a total must for investors. Oh and I WON!!! Very exciting. We are leaving this weekend to drive to Idaho, Mike's best friend lives out there and we are driving his mom's stuff that never moved with her. So we are taking Isabel on a 23 hr road trip in a 26ft Uhaul. I'm guessing it will turn into more of a 30+ hr drive but we'll see how she does. Luckily she has many songs in her repertoire and loves to sing them. Mike is so ecstatic for a vacation finally for him. He hasn't spent any real time with Cameron in years. So Annette if you read this we are SOOOO happy to be coming and staying for the week!
We then fly to Seattle to visit my parents for a week and Izzy gets to wear her new pink cowboy boots with the horses so expect good pictures to come!

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