Friday, July 27, 2012

My new adventure

So here we go.  I have started a new adventure in my life.  Enter Body By ViSalus.  I have to say.  I have worked hard to stay fit.  I have accomplished this many times (because I get lazy or pregnant).  I have done HCG and loved it.  But.. these shakes are the easiest and best tasting way to go.  They nutrition in them is great, the taste is outstanding, there are over 300 recipes to try.  Just pick your favorite treat, dessert, candy etc and it will be posted somewhere. 
The company does a 90 day challenge.  For 90 days you drink 2 shakes a day, weather your goals are weight loss related, fitness related or overall health related.  There are vitamins, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, neuro energy drinks, cookie snacks.. etc.  So many great ways to make your life and reaching your goals easier.   I want to invite all of you to try, to join me in making yourself healthier, in reaching your goals.

My 90 day Challenge is to increase my lean muscle mass.   I have taken before pictures and at the end of Sept I will post them along with my after pictures.  I have already, in the last 27 days, dropped a size and lost 4 lbs.  Now I don't tout this as a perfect cure.. you still have to put some effort in.. making the shakes will take 2 min out of your day. :)

There are different kits for whatever your goals are.  Let me help you figure out which kit is best for you and how to get these shakes in your belly. 

Call me, email me, comment on this post, contact me anyway you need to.  Ask me questions (my Master's is after all in nutrition).  Join me.  See the results for yourself.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.. there is nothing to lose (but fat and pounds).
Oh... did I mention that the producer of the Biggest Loser is on board and is starting a new show (starting on the inet) and says it will be BIGGER than the Biggest Loser???

Go to my website here
If you want the nutritional information.. contact me and I'll send it to you.

PS.  Butterfinger, snickers, cinnamon roll, pina colada... those are my favorite meals that I get to eat. 
PPS.. Lets also get your shakes for FREE.