Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So here I am bored but since my internet connection is working I thought I'd update and hopefully get some cute pictures posted soon. I have to tell you this last week we fed Izzy some pineapple...SHE LOVED IT! I have never seen her try and suck the life out of something before but she did. The third day it was getting a little soft ( a new piece not the same piece for three days!) and when chunks started coming off in her mouth I decided that it was enough for her.
Isabel is preparing to crawl, she was on her hands and knees last night and rocked but didn't actually go anywhere. Her 9 month birthday is tomorrow, I can't believe that she's been around that long. I am getting old! We get to go celebrate by going for her 9 month check up and for dinner we'll feed her some pasta at a friends house we were invited to for dinner. We'll see how smoothly that goes.
There is really not much to report right now, sad, I've had a week to get something together but I guess I needed more time. Oh well... hopefully this will be posted later tonight but we'll see the pictures are on Mike's computer. By the way I have to give my mom credit...the picture of Izzy in her crib, if you are admiring the bumpers my mom made them (as well as a quilt, dust ruffle, curtains and a pillow....
Oh well, I'm off to finally buy myself some new dress's only been three years!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Family Reunions

So my brother-in-law Jamo returned from his mission in San Fernando, CA on Monday. The airport scene was a little anti-climatic. In attendance was the immediate family plus Izzy and myself, Carol and Arden (g-ma and g-pa) Olive (great g-ma) and Jill and Emma (aunt and cousin). We all saw him and Eric come up the hallway and just said HEY! hugs were given out and then we left....not the movie style return but exciting non the less. So he's back and came up to see us yesterday and then we went to Katie's swim meet. It's so good to see him back and to see how he changed. He is so darn cute and polite! I was holding Izzy when he came in and she just starred at him wondering who the heck he was.... then he said something to her in Spanish ( I have not idea for you Spanish buffs that were hoping to translate) and stroked her cheek, he repeated this and she just smiled at him...
We'd love to have him move in up here but it probably won't happen. I don't envy him trying to think about starting school and job hunting, but at least he has the bilingual thing going for him.....
alas, my internet will probably shut off soon, it's been doing that so I guess I should run.....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Storms that Change

So, it's been a while since I've updated this but I really have a good reason. With all the crazy weather around we had a storm that cut our power about 9pm Friday night, 1.5 hrs later (after the candle hunt) it came back on, by this time the trees had ice already encasing the branches, it was a beautiful sight! So we finished watching our movie (2 min left) and put on a second while playing Skip-Bo, it went off for good. A large branch overhanging our house from our pine tree fell (hit but no damage that we can tell) so we decided for safety to sleep on the living room floor. After a makeshift bed was formed and we finally got comfortable and used to the sound of trees snapping and transformers blowing Mike sat up and said, "we need to leave" so we packed up at 3am and went to our friends house.
The next 4 days were a lot of fun. We have some very gracious friends (Casey and Tiffany) who not only earned themselves gold kingdoms in heaven but I think they have enough left over for a couple of gold thrones here on earth. At times they had 15 people during the day (only Mike, Izzy and I had to spend the night every time) but it was like a giant adult party all weekend. We all had so much fun talking, cooking and just enjoying the time to catch up and solves our problems and the rest of the worlds as well!
Daily we went and checked out power and Sunday is when we saw the pictures that are shown here, beautiful yard/driveway we have! I think we had a total of 16 branches fall with another snow storm expected this weekend, we may get to increase that number....Hey at least thinning the tree isn't as pressing of an issue, at this rate we may not have to pay someone to do it at all, we'll let nature take it's course!
Monday night we left and headed over to another friends for the day to get out of Casey and Tiff's hair and let them have a night as a family, we returned in time to watch 24 with them!
All in all it was a great time. The power returned about 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon and we really settled in at 10 that night. Some other friends have had us over every night this week for dinner or movies. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends who are so kind and fun to be around. We would have froze to death other wise (our house got down to 42 degrees). We only hope that one day we can return the kindness shown to us, whether to them or to other individuals.
It's too bad we can't all get together more often that way, but trying to clear schedules is impossible , unless we have this outside help again!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Freedom of Independence

So just to update everyone one, Isabel can now sit for short periods of time and play and she loves to feed herself from her bottle. It's so much fun watching her gain her own independence. The other day while her occupational therapist was here we decided to try her with a sippy cup and not only did she drink out of it, she held it also! Her OT was so surprised! Of course since we have a new family room rug, she can't be on it without a blanket under her. I fully realize that the rug will get stains, Izzy will crawl and drop stuff, Mike and I will be stupid and eat on it or spill drinks on it, but until that time I am protecting it. I really like it and if it's going to get stained it will be because I was chasing after Isabel, not letting her rehash the contents of her last meal!
I also am pretty excited to start moving her to just her stroller with out her car seat attached. But seeing as the weather decided to get really cold yesterday, I'll wait until warmer weather, otherwise she'll freeze during the transition.
I went to make her 9 month Dr. appt today, I can't believe that it's already been that long. But I guess in my defense, I've really only had her for 7. Still, it's so much fun to watch her growing up. She has even been moved to her crib this last week and she loves it!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy new year!

Happy new year! I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. We are off to a great start. Isabel almost rang in her first new year awake, but she passed out around 11:15pm. We spend new year's eve with another couple at her sister's house. I apparently haven't been around rowdy adults in awhile. I forgot just how loud they get when you have a fun group and add a little alcohol! I think the night started with a gallon jug of Capitan Morgan's and it was close to emptied when we left at 12:03am. Either way it was entertaining.
On the way home we got pulled over, Mike didnt' use his signal pulling out of a development and the cop then tried to tell him that his eyes looked glazed over, which they were because it was past our bedtime! He let us go without any real trouble but I did get to say "I told you so" I am always trying to get him to use his signals but he hates to listen to me.....
On a side note we had two other couples here last night for dinner and games, Mike and I lost...I HATE losing, but I did try and change the rules a few times (I swear it's because I didn't remember them! Honest!)