Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So here I am bored but since my internet connection is working I thought I'd update and hopefully get some cute pictures posted soon. I have to tell you this last week we fed Izzy some pineapple...SHE LOVED IT! I have never seen her try and suck the life out of something before but she did. The third day it was getting a little soft ( a new piece not the same piece for three days!) and when chunks started coming off in her mouth I decided that it was enough for her.
Isabel is preparing to crawl, she was on her hands and knees last night and rocked but didn't actually go anywhere. Her 9 month birthday is tomorrow, I can't believe that she's been around that long. I am getting old! We get to go celebrate by going for her 9 month check up and for dinner we'll feed her some pasta at a friends house we were invited to for dinner. We'll see how smoothly that goes.
There is really not much to report right now, sad, I've had a week to get something together but I guess I needed more time. Oh well... hopefully this will be posted later tonight but we'll see the pictures are on Mike's computer. By the way I have to give my mom credit...the picture of Izzy in her crib, if you are admiring the bumpers my mom made them (as well as a quilt, dust ruffle, curtains and a pillow....
Oh well, I'm off to finally buy myself some new dress's only been three years!

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lesliem said...

Yes! The baby loves pineapple! Thank goodness that she takes after auntie on that one. After all, pineapple is very good for your digestion. Can't believe she's 9 months!

I had a student ask me today who the cute baby on my desktop was. It's Isabel and me (though I am mostly cut out)projected onto a 10x10 foot screen. Automatic A for that student.