Friday, February 16, 2007

More good news

So I just had to tell everyone that we have a contract on our house! A lady came to look at the house on Saturday, then again on Monday, she offered a contract Tuesday, we countered Tuesday night and she accepted on Wednesday! We are so excited! We bought new cabinets for this house because we knew we could not sell it with out. (everything else had been updated but the kitchen) so we were expecting that. But she is not asking us to paint or anything. For those of you that have seen all the colors in my house it is very exciting to be able to forgo that task. For those of you already praying for us I wouldn't mind a prayer or two also helping us make sure the closing goes smoothly. (Set for April 18th) yes Leslie this means that I might be a little stressed on your birthday so the conversation may not revolve around you on the one day it should!
I have to go, more demolition on the house we are flipping with some friends tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A new life...soon

I thought on a snowy day it would be a good day to update. Some of the flakes were at least 2in in diameter for the first 1.5 hrs now is smaller and windier. They are calling for up to 6in today...I"m going snow diving in my front yard if that's the case...
So I have a few good news things to share. First one of my best friends had her baby this last weekend!!!! Unfortunately I still haven't seen a picture of her, for whatever reason when they send it it comes across as format jargon, rather then a cute picture. The family should be home together in a (fingers are crossed) a week or so.
The other great news is that Mike and I are finally moving!!!!!!!!!! We bought a house in a new neighborhood (it has to be built still) but in approx 7 months we'll have a brand new house! That means of course that we need to sell our house but we are hoping and praying that it will happen. It is a one story ranch house that's 1760sq ft. There is a full basement and in efforts to save money we are going to do most of the updates (kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors) ourselves throughout the next few years. I am personally hoping to not touch the house for at least 2 years so we can save up the money. The only upgrades we have are basic (9ft ceilings on main floor, rough in for basement bath, slight up grade on cabinets so we could stand then until we redo them...we both had oak cabinets). Last Friday we went and picked out our colors for the outside, the vinyl and carpet ect. Eventually we'll replace some carpet with hardwood and the vinyl with real tile but until then....I love it!!!
So that's our exciting news so if anyone has anymore room in their prayers for us, we'd really like to sell our house.....
I hope all is well with everyone or anyone who reads this.