Tuesday, June 22, 2010

apologies and rest of trip

Grandpa and Izzy

Grandma and Izzy... G'ma can't look at the camera and smile and keep her eyes open so we just take the best shot!

Ok so I just reread my last post. All I can say is wow... we all know I am not the most proficient writer, but man that was bad! I guess when you're at a friends house and you don't want to take to much time that's what happens. For those that don't know my parents only have dial up and can't get DSL or Cable out where they live so it can take up to 15 min for 1 page to load. Needless to say, I don't try the internet there!

So on to the rest of the trip. We got home this past Sunday and all I can say is I now have 1 more reason (as if I needed it) why I should NEVER move to UT. One word... Turbulence. Flying in from the West over the mountains when you're pregnant, can't take anything and are easily motion sick anyways was not the best combination. At least I was able to wait until we landed.

We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. Isabel was outside helping to feed the horses morning and night. She only missed 3 feedings the whole time we were there. My little girl LOVES horses. Saturday night we were able to get Isabel on Sam to ride. She went faster then last time and was loving it. Unfortunately it rained the whole time we were there... oh wait the sun was out Friday and that's it. I've never had a vacation out there like that before!

As you saw in the previous post we had dinner with some great friends who are celebrating 2 years together this August, hung out with Niki and Keegan (and some of Ray when he wasn't sick) and of course Ms. Kate. Kate was in town doing another wedding and Mike and I were able to go and help her assemble the center pieces. It was great so see all three of my closest friends from high school and not feel rushed as all.

Below are some pictures (I never got any with Kate, why does that always happen!) with the Bonnells, lots with horses and family. Oh and the day we left happened to be Father's Day and my sister called to wish a happy day to my dad and we got to talk to her! It was so fun to speak with her although she had been at the hospital, finally caught a bacterial infection over there but she sounded in good spirits.

The cats ran from Isabel the whole time she was there... until Saturday night. They are not used to loud, excitable children!

Grandpa was trying to teach Izzy how to do some lat pull downs

helping Grandma load hay for a nightly feeding

on the phone with Auntie Leslie

She was trying to look like a farmer with the hay in her mouth.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seattle trip so far

We came to Seattle (ok, Kent really), last weekend and are leaving tomorrow.. here are some pictures of Isabel helping with the horses, trying to put the hay in the gator. She got some new cute cowboy boots and jeans because its FREEZING here and I didn't pack correctly. I packed for high 60's low 70's and it's been in the 50's here. Needless to say Isabel has been so cold in her shorts!

We're hanging out at Niki's house.. a great friend from back in JH all thru now and had yummy cinnamon rolls and the kids are playing. We're about to head home so Isabel can ride the horses if the rain hold off.


oh wait I just realized that the pictures we have downloaded are from our trip to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.. So the other pictures will be shown when we get back! So here is pictures of us with lots of planes and me in a wheelchair since walking became a bit difficult.

We also had dinner with some good friends that we married two years ago when we were up there. Eric and Amy. Isabel and Carly had fun playing too! Dinner at Red Robin.
Oh and the last picture is Isabel and her dad by his FAVORITE plane.. the one that he really wants to buy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry It's been so long

Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone the update, went to the MD yesterday and all looks great. They did an ultrasound and everything is wonderful, baby is of course not cooperating and would not move much for good pictures, which is typical for my babies.
So we still get to go on our vacation to Seattle (ok really it's Kent) and we are super excited!!! I've decided I'm just reaping the benefits of my Dad working a lot growing up. The man has so many frequent flyer miles and is generous enough to let us use them!! I go back to the MD in 2 weeks for another US, 3 weeks for my next office visit, and 4 weeks for the big US to see what we're having, that one will be on Mike's birthday!!!