Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry It's been so long

Hey everyone, just wanted to give everyone the update, went to the MD yesterday and all looks great. They did an ultrasound and everything is wonderful, baby is of course not cooperating and would not move much for good pictures, which is typical for my babies.
So we still get to go on our vacation to Seattle (ok really it's Kent) and we are super excited!!! I've decided I'm just reaping the benefits of my Dad working a lot growing up. The man has so many frequent flyer miles and is generous enough to let us use them!! I go back to the MD in 2 weeks for another US, 3 weeks for my next office visit, and 4 weeks for the big US to see what we're having, that one will be on Mike's birthday!!!


Emily said...

Tracey, I'm really glad everything is going so well. I hope you have a nice vacation! Still keeping you guys in our prayers!

lesliem said...

I loved your email about the various smells in the house. And you really need to learn how to use a microwave! Take pictures. I want to see my family, especially Isabel playing with the 'f'orces and riding on the gator.