Thursday, April 26, 2007

Major Changes

I am so glad to be back to my blog. We have had one heck of a week. When it is all said and done we will have moved to another location, sold our house, become almost completely debt free, had our new house's foundation poured, pulled an all nighter with Isabel, resigned from a job, and gone house shopping for a new house to flip. Oh and had a little stress in our lives!
It feels so amazing to be completely done with the other house. There was just a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Mike is a little sad to see the house go, but I understand, there was not one space in that house that was left untouched by him. His heart and soul for the last 3 years is in that house. His blood, sweat and tears literally.
So the house we're staying in is great we have a lot of room and for the first time in a while all my food is in ONE kitchen! I get to have fun learning how to cook with a gas stove.
I have to say I'm getting so excited for this summer, I am going to Seattle for Mother's day. There is a wedding that is taking place, a best friend had her miracle baby and will be home, and Isabel's first birthday celebration! My dad's family has not seen her yet so they will get to now! Plus my other best friend and her husband and baby will be there also! I am also going to NC for my cousin's wedding and then in July Mike, Isabel and I are all going home to see my family again!
Before this gets to terribly long I'm going to leave myself something to write about tomorrow and just put a bunch of cute pictures of the family up! The first three are of Isabel playing peek-a-boo all by herself!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's been awhile

It has definately been awhile since I've been here. The update would be that we are close to finishing our house, most of the big stuff is done but there is still a ton of little stuff left to do, I just hope we can have it all finished in time. I am losing one more day of working on it because the wonderful lady who is letting us stay at her house (she has a fully finihsed basement) wants me to come over before we move in and help her clear out her things that are in the area we'll be staying in, so I'll probably lose next Monday of work. Hopefully someone in Mike's family can come and take my place. Other then that, Izzy cut her first tooth this last Thursday! She is trying to crawl like crazy but since our house is so not ready for a baby that's mobile, there isn't much room for her to go. As soon as we get in the house for the summer she can crawl up and down the hall till her hearts' content! I am hopefully going to have some new pictures attached with this. Mike's computer has been going a little crazy so I hope it works. For those of you that don't have much else on your prayer lists, Mike and I would appreicate a few on our behalf. We need all the help we can get so that this house closes on time ( the other agent still hasn't gotten back to us yet on when the apprasial will happen!!!!! We close one week from tomorrow!!!). So thanks in advance! I have to retire, I'm exhausted!