Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ok, I know I have so much to get caught up on. Posting pic but instead I want to show you what our family is doing. As you all know March of Dimes is an orgainzation that is near and dear to our family. We are walking again on April 30th 9am at Forest Park in St Louis. It is always a ton of fun, walk, face painting, moon bounces, giveaways, free food etc. Please, please join our family. If you are in town this is a great family activity to take part in, the kids have a blast and forest park is beautiful. If you are not in town please feel free to donate, even $0.50 will help. You can donate by using the link on the left hand side of my blog or by purchasing a team shirt. I have two examples of what are shirts may look like.. we haven't decided just yet, will decided this week. Shrits will be $12 dollars and we will hopefully have onesies available as well.

The shirts will be a kelly green color and one option is

The est oval will have 2008, her year of birth

The other option is one that says
I (heart)

We'll let you know but PLEASE let me know if you are interested in shirts.

Thank you so much for your support for this important cause.