Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slows cooker bags

I just had to post really quick. There is not much more I hate, and will delay, to the point of...well a disgusting mess, then washing a huge baked on mess out of the crock pot. Especially if I've made a roast. That greasy, fatty residue is enough to make me gag. Well a few months ago I bought some Reynolds slow cooker bags on sale. Let me just say ....heaven in a cardboard box. Simpy place the bag around the crockpot bowl, add and cook as you normally would. When you're done.....simply task out the bag and throw it away! Genius, best thing next to Gouda cheese. The second time I used one I punctured the bag with a fork but the ensuing mess was still next to nothing. I made an awesome tamale pie tonight but wanted to use shredded chicken instead of meat so I threw 6 giant chicken breasts (not all for my pie!) and some salsa and let it cook for 5 hrs. After taking the chicken out I threw out the bag and put away the crock pot. Huge time and mess saver in my little kitchen (and sink). So if you haven't used them go now, right now and get them.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

new place

So here it is.. my 2nd Saturday in my new place. I write from sitting here on my bed, Izzy laying on her bed on the floor next to mine. Stella sleeping in the pack n play, in the kitchen. The bathroom 6 steps away. We moved out of our house that was built almost 4 years ago. It finally sold! We were very lucky to have sold it and moved into an apt for the time being. We will start remodeling soon and have bigger space to live it. But for the time being... we are in 312 squ ft. Yes, you read that right. 312 squ ft. It's crazy. But working pretty well. We'll be in here for about 30 days then hopefully be able to spread out slowly. So for now we are on an extended camping trip. :) We have a had a great time most everyday. We are leaving the house daily, Izzy and I can walk to a friends house that's very close, the park is about 4 blocks away. So for now we are on our next great adventure! I can't wait to start work and get dirty working on our home, well not too dirty.. can't bring all the lead paint dust back to my girls. :)

And we finally just got the crib set up. I love it! So does Stella, she was spending time just staring at all the bright colors. Should be a pic up on FB. ( I'm too lazy to grab my phone and up load to my blog right now.)