Monday, May 19, 2008


I have to run to work but here are some quickies from this last month to hold people over until I can get a real post with pictures done.
-Isabel turned two! May 1st
-Working way to many hrs
-Mom came into visit 10-14!!! Tons of fun!
-Went to Zoo with Mom, and mom's family (g'ma, aunt, cousin) celebrated birthday and took cute video and recieved really cute clothes! ( And the Cutest pair of real pink cowboy boots with a pink belt that has a silver buckel with gold horses head!
-in process of celebrating birthday with Mike's family tonight
-found out great friend from HS is getting married in August!
-10 yr reunion this info in the mail
-Isabel has pink eye!

I guess that's the highlights of the past 3 weeks. I'll get more info out soon. I'm so behind!
love ya'll!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Izzy Polley

NO I didn't spell my last name wrong! Tonight while putting Isabel to bed, we read her Dr. Seuss's ABC book. Of course we pointed out the letters I, K and P since those are her initials. When we hit the letter P we told her that it also stood for Pulley and asked her to say it...she said Polley....Then we said Izzy she responded with Izzy Polley! It was sooo cute! So at least she can sort of say her name! We are so proud!