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Monday, March 31, 2008

I do have Easter Pic

So here are the Easter egg decorating pictures. Jameson and Katie came over and helped us. In the pictures Isabel is with daddy, feeding me a crayon, trying to spoon out all the color onto the table and just having a grand ol' time. Thanks to her aunt and uncle for having so much fun with her!


Realizing that I haven't posted in weeks...I've been trying to come up with something to post about and I have nothing...other then my parents just sent me a package from WA. Adams peanut butter...I cannot get it here and a CUTE spring coat for Izzy. Maybe I'll take a picture some day. In fact I'll see if we have any from Easter and post some. I'm off to cover a Lacrosse game in the city, oh its a torrential down pour and we're in a tornado watch, but lucky for me they have a turf field. OOHH I just saw lightening... this could be fun since the kids are carrying metal rods to attract it with while they are running!!! I can't wait.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wubb u

I love being a mom! Today I went in to say goodmorning to Isabel before I left for work and she was sitting there perched so cutely in her bed. Dad came in and we had morning prayer and I was saying bye to the two of them and Isabel said "bye...wubb u'. It s as close as we can get to I love you but I'll take it! Times like this I love my job of being a mom and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Please register your name

Thanks to a best friend from college and a trip down memory lane, I've decided I need to post my nicknames for 'ol time sake.
So here is my list.

1. Motormouth-used by family only, when I was little and never could shush up
2. Transmission--again, always running...see above
3. Bo--used soley by my sister...only later did I realize it was short for something else
4. Trace- variations on the obvious
5. Spacey --(Spicey) Used by a best friend from high school, yes I was a little spacey tracy
6. Big T--This came out of an ultimate frisbee game in college when Laura didn't want to guard me. Used by Chey and Laura
7. TC --created by Thad, after all I was too cool, used by Thad, Paul and Mark
8. T-bird--created by Doug, he couldn't understand how I was so free. like a bird
9. TP--Thank goodness for initials that lend to their own laughter
10. Honey, Baby, etc. --reserved for my husband only...
11. Mammy or when she's confused dada...I'll give you two guess on this one!

There finally here!!!

So I finally have new pictures! This past weekend my dad was in town visiting before his Atlanta trip. He finally got to see his granddaughter for awhile. These pictures are from Sunday night when they were playing and her hair was at her best...The last picture was at the Apple store when we got our new computer. When Dad came in we took him to our favorite Thai restaurant and had delicious food (they have the best crab rangoons!)then we finally got to show him our new house...I have been wanting them to come down forever so I'm still pushing for this next Christmas. Saturday, Dad was such a great help, we put him to work on little projects. After we were done abusing him he and Mike headed to a barbershop singing group fundraiser and eat corned beef and hash. I was the lucky one who got to chaperone a dance...truly the most boring EVER! Thankfully I had a great sister in our ward chaperoning with me so we danced to Thriller...I think we'll teach the dance to the girls so they can perform at the Modest Prom dance. GO MICHAEL!
Anyways I hope you (Cheyenne) enjoy...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Michael Buble

Last night Mike and I were given tickets to see Michael Buble in concert!!! I have to say hands down the best concert I've ever been to...he was so much fun. The opening act, Naturally 7, you should also totally check them out, very awesome group. BUT MICHAEL WAS AMAZING!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Singin' her solo

Today and church Isabel was so stinkin' cute. Well not only did she look so cute in her dress that her Auntie bought her with her cowboy boots (she was in a cranky mood when we took the pictures so they don't to the outfit justice) but at the end of the Sacrament meeting as we were singing the closing hymn, she took the book from me and stuck her face in it and sang her heart out. The best was the solo. Not being well versed yet in how to read music (after all she is only 22 mo. old) as we were ending the 1st and 2nd verses and there's that pause...well Isabel didn't pause much to the delight of her parents who were now being slightly irreverent laughing very very hard and to the people around us who heard her 'beautiful' voice! I love that my daughter has this great personality...she makes everyone smile and laugh. Best of all she makes everything right. Here's to hoping your children perform their solo's, whatever they may be...