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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Please register your name

Thanks to a best friend from college and a trip down memory lane, I've decided I need to post my nicknames for 'ol time sake.
So here is my list.

1. Motormouth-used by family only, when I was little and never could shush up
2. Transmission--again, always running...see above
3. Bo--used soley by my sister...only later did I realize it was short for something else
4. Trace- variations on the obvious
5. Spacey --(Spicey) Used by a best friend from high school, yes I was a little spacey tracy
6. Big T--This came out of an ultimate frisbee game in college when Laura didn't want to guard me. Used by Chey and Laura
7. TC --created by Thad, after all I was too cool, used by Thad, Paul and Mark
8. T-bird--created by Doug, he couldn't understand how I was so free. like a bird
9. TP--Thank goodness for initials that lend to their own laughter
10. Honey, Baby, etc. --reserved for my husband only...
11. Mammy or when she's confused dada...I'll give you two guess on this one!

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