Monday, November 19, 2007


YEA! We leave for Seattle in 2 hrs! We'll be there for 12 days...I can't wait...Pictures at the end of the month...

Friday, November 16, 2007

A few more

Since Jeni graciously posted the picture of all the "yellow house" girls I'll refer you to her blog...there's a link to the right.

Bama Trip

This past weekend we had so much fun on our whirlwind trip to Bama. The journey began when we stopped just after we started because Mike's phone randomly turned off 5 times in 5 minutes. So we finally had it replaced and it took FOREVER! It should have been maybe 45 min but the Sprint people on the phone are less then competent so it took 2 hrs. Then we stopped in Cape Girardeau to pick up my THESIS!!!! It was bound and now I don't need to return there again! Isabel was in the car wandering while Mike walked Gibby and she found the Cinnabons. Mike turned and looked in the car just in time to see Isabel taking a handful of the sinful indulgence and stuffing it in her mouth...that's my baby...hey you can't fault her for her good taste.
So then about 2 hrs out our last headlight went out on the dusk...the next exit was approx 5 miles. It was 5:35 on a Thursday and car dealerships close at 6. Needless to say we were worried. But we found an Autoparts store and a Mazda dealer next door with someone to install the new ones for us. (3 people couldn't figure it out, I promise we're not that ignorant). We finally get in at 8:30pm and stayed up at Marcus and Courtney's until 11pm. We were so tired but there were fresh sausage balls waiting for us! We love the Stallings-Barr resort!

Friday morning was spent visiting old friends and professors on campus and showing off Isabel. We looked for a sweatshirt for Mike and stopped by the new (to me at least) Institute building and saw a few faces I knew. Later that night was the event I had been most excited about (aside from the wedding!) We went to PEPITOS!!!!
Good food and good friends. We were able to meet lil' Olivia who is just beautiful and definitely a Martin!

Saturday was the wedding stuff and Lacy was beautiful. I was fun for Mike and I, we hadn't attended a sealing in a while. I love hearing the amazing promises over and over. And we were able to see friends that we hadn't seen in years. (insert Tracy Alder, Doug and Sarah Cole and Debbie Mayfield) That night we met up with my mom's old college roomate and boyfriend, Susan and Wayne. They are such a riot. Finally we came back and had a wonderful dinner made to order at the Resort. Courtney's cooking is amazing. Her hashbrown casserole is the best. Followed by wonderful cheesecake which I had after everyone else on account I fell asleep on the couch. Again is was delicious. We stayed up talking and watching movies. Oh we also met the younger Archibald boys who I taught in Primary...I felt so old! I can't believe that Sterling is a senior!

Sunday was more talking and showing off Isabel and church. We saw Thad who also has not been seen in years, looking dapper as ever. More kids I taught at church who are all grown up. Good times again..Oh and the church is no longer the awful 70's's PURPLE!!! I love it, so regal. That afternoon we went wandering around campus with our hosts and took pictures then had dinner with the Martin's. Isabel kept climbing in to Olivia's bouncy chair and acting like she was 2 months old again. So funny.
It was a fast trip and very exhausting but so worth it. We had so much fun. One day we'll actually stay for a week or so, but in the mean time we'll cherish the times we get to spend with friends and "family". Thanks to everyone who made our trip amazing. We love you all!

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007


So the following are pictures from the Boo and the Zoo and her trying to play fetch with gibby

pictures finally!