Friday, November 16, 2007

A few more

Since Jeni graciously posted the picture of all the "yellow house" girls I'll refer you to her blog...there's a link to the right.


Southern Princess said...

I love the pic of you two in front of the Bear! So precious & perfect. We so enjoyed having y'all it just flew by too quickly! I have more pics to post from my cam (a few to email to you).We love y'all so much! Have fun in Seattle!!!

jennihaywood said...

when are you going to Seattle? Are you flying? COME TO UTAH AN VISIT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
I love seeing the pics of you. I can't look for long because the tears start to roll! I miss everyone. Tell everyone in the ward that I love them all. Would you pleeease tell Marty and her hubby that I said Hi and to please come to visit. Hailey has earned over $135 in babysittin in the last few weeks and she wants to spend it on a trip to Missouri. Maybe next summer.