Saturday, November 14, 2009

I stole it!

So Mike and I are on a mini vacation and I stole the computer to finally get to post. I have a couple of pictures that show ourselves before and after our diet. Mike looks so good! We have a free weekend to Bransnn... Branson you say, it may not sound so exciting but we did go see a great show our first night called the Duttons we noticed during their Christmas section they had scenes from a Christmas movie we own. They are members of our church and the presentation was so nice! We ate half a carton of ice cream last night... I love butter pecan, and we added chocolate and toffee I haven't eaten that much ice cream in years and I loved every minute... the best part, I still feel as skinny as I did before I ate it! So back to our trip.... the shopping has been great. Mike only had 3 shirts that fit him and no pants to we finally bought him a few things so when he works.... he doesn't look sloppy now! Our lives have been... well normal for us lately, meaning they've been chaotic. I have so much to catch up on. I have a blog award I need to pass on, a store on ETSY to open, fundraising for my friend who is raising money for leukemia and lymphoma society.

Oh our camera was finally fixed... we seemingly, although it doesn't want to work if you zoom in, it's still completely blurry so I'll have to send it back in. And it a was all free! I'm so glad that I can actually take pictures of my family again! Of course I took some cute ones of Mike last night but I forgot my cord to download!

We leave today to get back home and see our cute daughter... yep this great weekend was all without Isabel, I do miss her but it's been so nice to get away for a couple of days and leave her with a super great friend. Mike and I have just gotten to talk, laugh and share in quiet moments with just the two of us. I love my husband so much and am grateful he came to this 'moral vegas' with me for our little weekend.

So here is our BEFORE picture from Last winter...

And the AFTER

and that's what a hundred pounds gone looks like!

Friday, November 6, 2009

one day

One day I'll have more time to update my blog again, one day we'll have two working computers again, one day this will serve as my journal entries again... until then... This is all I have time for, off to clean the church.. oh! and no pictures from Halloween our camera was sent into the shop because my little Belle princess broke it. One day....


Here is a link to the contest that Courtney is hosting... I'm so excited!

Courtney pick me pick me!