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Saturday, June 28, 2008

1st's and 2nd's

Today Isabel decided that she wanted to use her big girl potty!!! The other day she saw her friend Ava using it and she apparently has now decided to try!!! We are very excited!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's all good

Hey everyone, Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes! We are fine, I found out later on Tuesday from a guy on the levy committee that even if this levy does break (there have been small holes but they had a big sandbagging effort last night and again today) my house should still be fine. I got totally worked up at work on Tuesday from a co-worker who kept pulling up video and news casts etc. I just wanted to let ya'll know as soon as I could!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that I might really be out of commission for a while. The levy nearest to my house (approx 1/2 to 3/4 miles away) was breeched last night. If you are a praying people my family and neighbors could really use some! It's not bad yet just a relitivly small breach but we were sandbagging last night and will probably continue tonight. (so much for getting our hardwood finished this week!) I'll let ya'll know as I can! I think we'll be ok, but the rest of the push from the Mississippi isn't expected for another couple of weeks so we're in this for awhile.
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More updates for MD and callings

This past week has been so busy. I had my national convention here in STL for athletic trainers and I volunteered to work 40 hrs. Needless to say i was a bit tired. So here are the updates I promised everyone on the MD visit.

First when I went in for my 9 wk checkup I thought I might be farther along like 11-12 weeks but I was still off. I was at 14 weeks so I missed my entire first trimester with my MD! Everything looks good so far. He didn't really answer my questions about how to keep the baby inside me longer. He said we'd talk about that at a later date. I'm guessing because the baby won't be viable for a few more months, as well as he wants to see if it is even an issue before we talk about it and he probably doesn't want me to worry. Apparently he forgot that the entire time I was in the hospital I never really worried! Oh well it's been 2 years he's allowed to be a little foggy on that detail. He mentioned progesterone shots and taking steroids but that's about as far as we got. Oh and if all goes smoothly he won't force me to have a c-section.

My new calling is so much fun. I rambled a bit but that should be no surprise to most of you. I don't know if the message of the lesson came across but I enjoyed it. Of course since my house is torn up I couldn't find the manual and wouldn't you know it, our printer was out of ink so I couldn't do much but read it online which doesn't work as well for me. Sunday morning Mike informed me that his manual was in the truck! So my awesome idea a ton of prep work failed, but at least I left room to grow. Wouldn't want people thinking I'm oh so fabulous on the first try!

Mike's brother was sealed last Saturday and we had his G'ma and Aunt staying with us. It was so much fun!! My hair was finally cut for the first time in 10 months! I kept meaning to go see my friend that has been cutting it for almost 2 years now but it never happened. SInce Mike's aunt is a stylist I cashed in a favor. It's colored again also and I love the blond back in my hair.
(on a complete side note as I'm typing this Isabel has been singing in her room for 10 minutes...it's so cute!) They sealing was so funny, my poor brother in law wanted some serious action when it came time to kiss and his bride wasn't quite wanting that much so she pulled away and he was leaning in so far he had to catch himself...I hate to embaress them if they even read this but it was SO FUNNY! Then the sealer asked them to redo it when they stood up and it was the same. He sucked her face off the WHOLE night. Lets just say that they couldn't wait and her tiarra never made it to the reception....
While we were waiting for them to come out of the temple Izzy bumped into her G'pa and fell over and reopened her scrape on her knee. Now I don't usually pick her up when she's mildly hurt but for some reason I did and I kept saying "you're ok, you're ok" well I looked down and she was dripping blood. I also noticed that on my light green silk dress I had a blood stain 3 inches by 2 inches in the center of my dress up on my chest. There was NO hiding it. Not really sure what to do at this point I helped get Izzy cleaned up and Mike's aunt told me to head to the annex and use water to wash it off. So off to the annex I go to take off my dress and wash it out. They had some mild soap so I was able to wash if off. I was worried about a water stain...I know as if water was worse then blood....after about 10 minutes I had the dress clean. Everyone was very impressed that it came out. The groomsmen were beside themselves!
Needless to say I changed before the reception. So congrats to Jamison and Sheri...and thanks for an interesting weekend!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The new calling

For those of you who read my first post the other day know I was terrified of meeting with our Bishopric member who extended my calling on Wednesday. I was really worried about going back to Primary although I would have served anywhere I wouldn't have been overly happy until Sunday when I accepted it. NO Worries! I was called to be a RS teacher and I teach my first class next week. I'm so excited!!! I really wanted that calling!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


DUDE! Three posts in one day! This should keep my sister and Cheyenne off my back!
After the tea party Isabel and I went to lunch with a friend and then went shopping. She got a CUTE bathing suit and ran thru the store while trying it on...only in a diaper can that happen. So these pictures are from her dancing in the shopping cart and I finally got one of those cute pictures between the bars!!! And nope I didn't have her buckled in because she was happier being able to dance in the cart. We stopped off at Wilson's Leather outlet to look at purses and Isabel was so excited and then dove right in under a table full of purses and made her home. Oh and she picked up her mess before we left without even asking her too. I know ya'll are jealous!

Tea Party

For play group today my friend Jennifer had a tea party. Isabel didn't sit or take good pictures during that (or I didn't take good pictures!) but afterwards they pulled out the teeter-totter and Izzy LOVED it. She didn't really like to share it. But she was trying to yell teeter totter and since she couldn't quite say it she just said over and over...TIA TIA TIA! It was so much fun! Thanks Jenn!

new pictures!

So I still don't have pictures from Isabel's birthday. I downloaded my camera onto my computer but when I changed out my cards to download the birthday pics suddenly there's ALWAYS a parameter error. Mike's not home so he can't fix it. But I do have some cute pictures from the park a week or so ago and of Isabel being so totally cute. I have to admit one of the pictures is not that flattering to Mike or Izzy but it just goes to show how much alike they are.

Life is still hectic around here. Mike is gone for a week doing a training and I can officially say I never want to be a single mom and my heart goes out to them. My house is torn up again. But wait you say don't you live in a brand new house? Why yes but I'm married to the man I am so we ALWAYS have projects. Currently we are replacing all the common area carpet in the house with gorgeous gorgeous hardwood. If the project ever gets completed I'll take pictures. OH and I've decided that since I'll have two kids this winter that friends from Bama...it's your turn to come visit me! For those that also have two children I know I'm being hypocritical but since I know that....Ok well at least the friends who have reason to travel thru this part of the country need to come...read Cheyenne and Courtney ( I know you miss antiquing here!) Oh I'm pretty sure I'm getting a new calling tonight...I think its in the primary....I have to admit I love primary children but after 7 straight years there I am really enjoying my 2 year hiatus... But I did tell Heavenly Father I'll go where you what me to go. I'll let you know come Sunday.