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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tea Party

For play group today my friend Jennifer had a tea party. Isabel didn't sit or take good pictures during that (or I didn't take good pictures!) but afterwards they pulled out the teeter-totter and Izzy LOVED it. She didn't really like to share it. But she was trying to yell teeter totter and since she couldn't quite say it she just said over and over...TIA TIA TIA! It was so much fun! Thanks Jenn!


lesliem said...

she looks so loud! How come she's always looking like she's yelling and then there's all these nice quite kids? Oh wait... that's right, she's YOUR child.

Though that hair... that is certainly not yours.

Southern Princess said...

how precious! love Leslie's comment... :)
Her curls are so pretty!!! how fun for you!

tracyp said...

For the record she's not yelling...she's trying really hard to say teeter-totter, just because she wants people to hear her doesn't mean she's loud...

lesliem said...

I have a couple of pictures of you when you were young where you had that chin up in the air with that same smile... and I didn't say loud is a bad thing (well, in your case, getting us kicked out of grocery stores and restaurants, I make an exception).

Give her time to develop her lungs, you cannot deny her genes of loudness... or maybe your second child will prove a better example.

tracyp said...

You are awful to wish that on me...I'm already terrified of the 2nd child syndrome!