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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

new pictures!

So I still don't have pictures from Isabel's birthday. I downloaded my camera onto my computer but when I changed out my cards to download the birthday pics suddenly there's ALWAYS a parameter error. Mike's not home so he can't fix it. But I do have some cute pictures from the park a week or so ago and of Isabel being so totally cute. I have to admit one of the pictures is not that flattering to Mike or Izzy but it just goes to show how much alike they are.

Life is still hectic around here. Mike is gone for a week doing a training and I can officially say I never want to be a single mom and my heart goes out to them. My house is torn up again. But wait you say don't you live in a brand new house? Why yes but I'm married to the man I am so we ALWAYS have projects. Currently we are replacing all the common area carpet in the house with gorgeous gorgeous hardwood. If the project ever gets completed I'll take pictures. OH and I've decided that since I'll have two kids this winter that friends from Bama...it's your turn to come visit me! For those that also have two children I know I'm being hypocritical but since I know that....Ok well at least the friends who have reason to travel thru this part of the country need to come...read Cheyenne and Courtney ( I know you miss antiquing here!) Oh I'm pretty sure I'm getting a new calling tonight...I think its in the primary....I have to admit I love primary children but after 7 straight years there I am really enjoying my 2 year hiatus... But I did tell Heavenly Father I'll go where you what me to go. I'll let you know come Sunday.


Tara L. said...

Your little girl is so cute. It is fun to hear how you are doing. I can't wait to hear what your new calling is.

Bethany said...

I dreaded serving in Primary; however, after being Pres for going on 10 months now, it's not all bad.

Southern Princess said...

note taken - though so sad to hear you won't get to come home to Bama - she misses you :)
I need to call you - expect a ring sometime soon.
Love you!