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Sunday, August 14, 2011

first day of school!! first day of school!!!

"dad, wake up! First day of school, first day of school!"
I thought of Nemo when Isabel woke up last Wednesday for her first day. She was so excited to get out there and really be a big girl. She wanted to ride and I really wanted to take her, so a deal was struck, if she let me drive her to drop her off, I would let her ride the bus home. She was good with that. So off she went with her back pack and her lunch all packed. She was so excited! My 5 year old is getting so big!
Mommy walk me in!

Public transportation is our friend.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Love these two photos!

July 4th, birthday week and Pioneer day

Now that we're on our way to celebrating Labor day, I thought I would finally post about July 4th. We started out our 4th with a pancake breakfast at the church, (yum!), followed by the parade, the girls loved it but then we left when the rain really started coming down. Mike's best friend Cameron, his wife Annette and their cute kids were in town for Annette's family reunion. So we to to hang out with them. We headed to the Science Center for most of the day with the kiddos before heading down to the arch grounds to watch the fire works. Let me just say that spending 4 hrs by the arch with approx 12 adults and 12 children is SO much more fun then just having the 4 of us. The kids had a great time dancing until there were so many people there was just no room. Watching the fireworks was great, the kids had a blast with it.

Then we celebrated birthday week (or in this case it was drawn out for two). Mike has his favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake, I had a yummy key lime pie. And we both had more candles then we really wanted. :) Mike's mom also had us over and man I love my two girls!

And for pioneer day, we attended our ward activity and played with friends sat in the shade on a crazy hot day. It was good times with good friends. Mike participated in the pie eating contest, although he didn't win, he did stay the cleanest...I think he deserved a shout out. :)

Our last offically summer before school!

We ended summer the same way we started.. on a high note with lots of family time. We took the girls to the history museum, Izzy has been dying to go there, thanks to Ben Stiller and night at the museum.

Isabel loved looking at the exhibit of the 1904 World's Fair here in St Louis. I learned that the first bread maker was showcased here, the carpet broom, ice cream, and more stuff that I have forgotten in the last couple weeks. Izzy also went to a salon for a hair cut. She was so excited to sit in the chair and get her hair cut! I of course forgot my camera.

We then went swimming last week as a final hurrah. Isabel made some new friends, Stella loved the slide and enjoyed crawling in the water. I was of course worried that she would face plant and drown. When I would put my hand under her to make sure she didn't fall she would stop crawling and toss my hand out of the way.

Izzy sliding, Stella sleeping, and Izzy pouting because we need to leave. Ended a great day at the pool!