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Friday, August 12, 2011

Our last offically summer before school!

We ended summer the same way we started.. on a high note with lots of family time. We took the girls to the history museum, Izzy has been dying to go there, thanks to Ben Stiller and night at the museum.

Isabel loved looking at the exhibit of the 1904 World's Fair here in St Louis. I learned that the first bread maker was showcased here, the carpet broom, ice cream, and more stuff that I have forgotten in the last couple weeks. Izzy also went to a salon for a hair cut. She was so excited to sit in the chair and get her hair cut! I of course forgot my camera.

We then went swimming last week as a final hurrah. Isabel made some new friends, Stella loved the slide and enjoyed crawling in the water. I was of course worried that she would face plant and drown. When I would put my hand under her to make sure she didn't fall she would stop crawling and toss my hand out of the way.

Izzy sliding, Stella sleeping, and Izzy pouting because we need to leave. Ended a great day at the pool!


lesliem said...

You didn't say if the history museum lived up to Isabel's expectations. Crooked pictures don't do much to make the history museum look any more exciting, though you ladies look nice!

Bullock said...

Such cute pictures! I really want to kiss Izzy's bald head, it's precious!