Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Freedom of Independence

So just to update everyone one, Isabel can now sit for short periods of time and play and she loves to feed herself from her bottle. It's so much fun watching her gain her own independence. The other day while her occupational therapist was here we decided to try her with a sippy cup and not only did she drink out of it, she held it also! Her OT was so surprised! Of course since we have a new family room rug, she can't be on it without a blanket under her. I fully realize that the rug will get stains, Izzy will crawl and drop stuff, Mike and I will be stupid and eat on it or spill drinks on it, but until that time I am protecting it. I really like it and if it's going to get stained it will be because I was chasing after Isabel, not letting her rehash the contents of her last meal!
I also am pretty excited to start moving her to just her stroller with out her car seat attached. But seeing as the weather decided to get really cold yesterday, I'll wait until warmer weather, otherwise she'll freeze during the transition.
I went to make her 9 month Dr. appt today, I can't believe that it's already been that long. But I guess in my defense, I've really only had her for 7. Still, it's so much fun to watch her growing up. She has even been moved to her crib this last week and she loves it!

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lesliem said...

Wow! Sounds like she takes after me... don't let her grow up too much before I can make it back! Pictures of all these things (new rug, Isabel on the rug, the sippy cup) would certainly be a great addition to your blog!