Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy new year!

Happy new year! I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. We are off to a great start. Isabel almost rang in her first new year awake, but she passed out around 11:15pm. We spend new year's eve with another couple at her sister's house. I apparently haven't been around rowdy adults in awhile. I forgot just how loud they get when you have a fun group and add a little alcohol! I think the night started with a gallon jug of Capitan Morgan's and it was close to emptied when we left at 12:03am. Either way it was entertaining.
On the way home we got pulled over, Mike didnt' use his signal pulling out of a development and the cop then tried to tell him that his eyes looked glazed over, which they were because it was past our bedtime! He let us go without any real trouble but I did get to say "I told you so" I am always trying to get him to use his signals but he hates to listen to me.....
On a side note we had two other couples here last night for dinner and games, Mike and I lost...I HATE losing, but I did try and change the rules a few times (I swear it's because I didn't remember them! Honest!)

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