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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Butterfly House take 2

For those that remember last year. Isabel was TERRIFIED by the butterflies, the worlds most gentle creatures, and my child was afraid. Well this past weekend March of Dimes held their March for Babies kickoff at the butterfly house so we went. It was so much fun. We got to pick up supplies needed to collect money and get more information to give to people about what March of Dimes does. Isabel was actually happy and a bit excited. She still was a bit skittish when the butterflies were too close (5 feet or so) but she had fun looking at the groupings eating off the plate of rotten bananas, the ones eating off the flowers, etc. Auntie Katie came with us and helped Izzy stay entertained. So here are some pics from the day and you can see Izzy smiling, so exciting! I also was able to talk to the lady in charge and get on her list of people to volunteer year round. I really would love to do more with this organization, they serve such a great purpose and I'd love to give my time to them. So for those who would love to help out also you can donate to our team for the walk this year. (It's my shameless plug). We would love to reach our goal and even surpass it.


E said...

Mike's sister right? She lookes like you Tracy!

lesliem said...

I love seeing how she looks more and more grow'd up every time I see pics of her. She has such as expressive face. I'm very jealous of Katie, I must say. Keep those curls growing!

Haily Brian said...

It was fun to come check out your blog. We had a great time at your house the other night. Thank you for having us over.