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Monday, July 23, 2007

Da Bears

So we finally took Isabel to the zoo for the first time this weekend! She loved it. She was overly excited about the bears, polar and black, the penguins (one came up and "stood" on it's "fins/feet" and flapped it's wings about 1.5 feet in front of her.. She was sooo excited. The elephant was my favorite (altougth they only have asian and not my favorite African), however only the male was out. the females and babies were put up. Then the final was the monkeys! They were soo playful and all the little baby was swinging and playing catch while trying to chase or get the older ones to chase it. It even did a slide all the way down the hill...it looked like so much fun and Isabel wasn't sure which way to look there was so much to entertain her! I'm posting some pictures from this weekend! Enjoy...


lesliem said...

ummmm, your baby's falling over in that last one.

Sounds like fun! We're so going to Woodland Park Zoo when you come to Seattle! I think it's them where they have an entire exhibit right now on the Maasai people of East Africa. It's really nice that they complement an entire group by placing them in a zoo... Don'tchya think? It really goes to show that we don't think of 'those' people as animals like we did 250 years ago.

Oh sorry. The pics are so great!

jennihaywood said...

Taylor was giggling over at the computer so I came to see what he was fussing over and it was of the pictures of Izzy. He was saying over and over again how adorable Izzy looked! It is hard for me to look at them because it makes me miss you guys! I keep trying to get ahold of you but with no avail!!! I will try again today.

Southern Princess said...

Gorgeous! that looked like so much fun! I love that zoo. Marcus & I were so impressed with St. Louis, it is such a great city (though you still need to move down here:) )Isabel looks like she was having a blast!!She is such a happy smiling baby! We miss y'all so much! We are headed off for vacation #1 today woohoo!! 8 days = beach = happy!lOve you!!!