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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm walkin' yea it's me, I'm walkin'

Isabel took her first steps on Saturday!!!!! We are so proud of our angel for hitting this next milestone. Offically at 14 months and 28 days! She took 6 steps, stumbled and then took 3 more before she fell... She is so darn cute!

On other great notes, we stopped by our house today and the carpet is in, the light fixtures, most of the faucets etc. We decided to move our close up one business day to the 17th so we'll have Friday and Saturday to paint and hopefully I can start moving things in on Monday. My goal is to have the pod delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday so we can start unloading it. So many exciting things going on!


lesliem said...

yey! So for those of us not blessed enough to see this event (and because I know you got part of it on camera) I checked out YouTube. All you have to do is create an acct and then they will allow you to upload video for it. Easy as pie. And even though YouTube gets a lot of flack about the stuff they post, there's a lot of normal people doing exactly what I am suggesting to you. Then it's easy to link it to your blog. Then I can see it, too! Since you may not be coming up... sigh.

Southern Princess said...

YEA!! My Izzie is walking. Gosh, walking! Wow. When I saw her she merely gurgled & had just begun to smile... By the way your sister totally is giving great advice. You Tube is great for these little things! or I think you can add a video to your blog directly... hmm have to look into that one! I will post soon about our vacay! love you!