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Friday, August 3, 2007

14 days

Just 14 days to go until we close on our new house! I am so excited I can't stand it! Mike will hopefully be taking the day off that we close so we can immediatly start painting and getting it ready. We want to have most of the painting done by Saturday so we can start moving in on Monday/Tuesday. I figure we'll be out of this basement by the end of that week, but we'll still be coming back to help her move and get her house ready. Izzy's room will take a while to finish but if we can get it started then it can be a work in progress.

Speaking of Isabel, she took 23 steps on Wednesday. She took 19 then squatted in the grass for a minute then took her last 4 steps. She was SO proud of herself! She's getting a little better about keeping her feet closer together and not trying to walk like a sumo wrestler! One day we'll get the pictures and video posted!


lesliem said...

ever thought about taking a pic of her being proud of herself!? That would be a great smile to see!

Southern Princess said...

My gosh I know that you are just antsy as all hades to get into that house! Well my sister is right there with you. In the spasm of 3 weeks she has readied her house in VA for sale, bought a new one in Georgia, gotten her kids transfered to schools in GA & is waiting to move into the new house by the 17 too. You ladies make me stressed just thinking of your situations!! We love you!!