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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Arrival!

Here are some pictures of Aubrey and Cheyenne's baby...Her name is Olivia Tynne ( I hope I spelled it right...Tynne (pronounced tin-knee is a family name)


Thanaglim said...

HI TRACY!!! I found your blog on Debbie's new blog. Oh this is Kim -Cook now Campbell :). How've you been?!? I'd heard you'd had a baby but I didn't know anything else about you! Well I'll just have to read and catch up huh? I also have a blog I've been posting since January of this year. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon as they say to the blogging world. Well your baby is precious!

Thanaglim said...

And Cheyenne's baby as well--I hadn't heard that she'd had it yet.

Caroline said...

Congratulations to Cheyenne! I hope mommy and baby are doing well!

I also found your blog on Debbie's and I was so excited! I can't wait to have time to look back on all your pictures. I feel like I have not seen you in forever and we miss you here in t-town!
Love-Caroline Sprayberry

jennihaywood said...

Hi Tracy!!! We are in our house can you believe it??? I am so excited! We love it/ I will call you this week. If you email me I will give you my phone #.
Love ya! Jenn Haywood