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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yesterday was an interesting day. I hate being a girl some days. All day I was helping a friend go thru some of her things and try to clear stuff out for a move, when I had a phone call saying that the mortgage co.for our new house (we close in 2 days!!!) did not have all the information they needed. Now we all now that I thrive on a little stress in my life...but being "stressed out" stinks. So I had to run up to St Charles and take care of it which took awhile. If the company didn't get this information we would not have been able to close this Friday. Why do people always want income/tax stuff when it's put away and you can't get to it? Then I had to run to the post office just to mail some stuff..oh yea, Isabel was awake back at the house and crying (someone was home...I didn't leave her by herself!), so I had to run back there and it was hard getting things accomplished with her wanting to play in all the piles we had for Goodwill, garbage, other people's things ect. So Mike was finally coming home, but was running an hour late, I had a YW presidency meeting that night and Isabel didn't want to eat dinner even though she hadn't eaten all day...so back to my hating being a girl some days. I was so stressed and Mike was finally home as I was trying to leave and I went to say goodbye and proceeded to stub my toe on the highchair. Then I started to just cry. Honestly, it didn't hurt..we not bad enough to cry, I just don't know of any guy that would cry at that point. Anyways, luckily when that day was over and I came home from my meeting (which I was supposed to clean the church after the meeting but the other couple assigned has already done it! THANK YOU HOOD FAMILY!) so Isabel was sleeping and crashed on my shoulder when I walked her in. It was so sweet and it made me remember that no matter how bad the day, not matter how stressful, I still have a wonderful family to come home to and this sweet daughter that can melt away all frustration in seconds.
Here's to hoping ya'll don't have a stressed day anytime soon!

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lesliem said...

Wanna hear another funny joke since the one yesterday was so successful? Hang on, I'll look one up. Here's Comedy Central's joke of the Day: Children were called upon in a classroom to make sentences with words chosen by the teacher. The teacher smiled when Jack raised his hand to participate. She gave him the words 'defeat,' 'deduct,' 'defense,' and 'detail.' Jack stood seriously for a while with all eyes focused on him awaiting his reply:

''Defeat of deduct went over defense before detail!''

btw, as a response to your comment on my blog, critical thinking is being able to analyze a situation using all available evidence to come up with solid judgment. This means that you can reflect on a subject from multiple perspectives and use the knowledge you've used and gained and apply it to other areas as well. Now do you see why I made the comment about US schools being afraid to teach this skill? It's not something you hear much about... since so few of our leaders anywhere on the political spectrum seem to have this skill. That's why they don't like teacher to facilitate critical thinking. It's a threat! And it can get them fired.