Saturday, May 22, 2010

going on with it all

Another week has gone by. Nothing super exciting. Lots of laying on the couch and watching movies, just that kind of week. Isabel has coined a new phrase that I'm using and love it. She was watching the news and a teaser about a booby trap for some bikers that were racing and when they all fell and crashed going around a corner she says "mom, now that is a humpty dumpty" Love it.

Mike has been crazy with business mtgs, mtgs and mtgs. We are the proud owners of a 165 qt cooler. We are hosting 4 open houses for Mike's business and we have sponsors to pay for it all and we realized it would be cheaper for us to do the food ourselves so we bought a few neat serving pieces from Costco and we're doing the food run the 1st week in June. I'm so excited! The food is going to be so good and I get to make some of the most amazing cookies.... yeah Mike will be completely off his diet and phase in period so he's going to love it also!

That's our update for now, we're trying to head out to Seattle the 3rd week in June so hopefully that will happen. We're also hoping to get to Atlanta to see my Grandma this summer, she is in the early states of dementia. On the plus side that will mean a side trip to ALABAMA!!! Man 2x in one year! We'll keep our fingers for that one!


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Lol! Love the catch phrase!

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better ;o)


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lesliem said...

No better way to celebrate losing weight than eating sweets. I remember that phase of your guys' diet last time I was there. Have you told Isabel she's going to see the grandma with the 'f'orces? She'll be thrilled!

Caroline said...

YAY! A trip to Alabama!