Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Pictures!!!

Ok so My fabulous husband figured out how to get my pictures on to my computer and since my computer hasn't died yet, hopefully this will work! I have some picutres from when my sister was here and from Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys!


Southern Princess said...

I LOVE THE BOX PICTURES!!! LOL She is so precious!

John and Lara said...

I like all the New Pictures. It is so fun to see everyones photos. It sounds like Christmas was fun for you. I still haven't posted any christmas pictures or what we did it just seems to overwhelming. That sucks about mikes hard drive crashing. You'll have to show me you hand made gold necklass. Wear it to church on Sunday. Did you hear about the movie on Friday? Some of the girls are going to the mills mall to watch the 7 ish showing of 27 dresses.