Monday, December 24, 2007

Bad news

For all of you out there who love looking at cute pictures of my daughter as much as I do...well Mike's hard drive crashed on Sunday as we lost ALL of our pictures. Apple even tried to access the computer remotely with no luck. So some day we will take our computer with a lot of prayers and hope to see if they can pull anything off the hard drive and at the same time buy a back up hard drive and new cameras with software that works on my computer and a really nice photo printer...any well anything else we can think of. The worst part is that I had just a couple of week earlier put the pictures from Seattle on it and I was going to copy the pictures to my computer this weekend but Mike's wouldn't turn on...if only I had the thought earlier..


Southern Princess said...

OH Tracy, I am so sorry. I have been there. One of my IT guys was able to pull mine off the hard drive, mayber you will have luck as well. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your family! We love you!

Debbie said...

oh that stinks! I try to upload my pictures to (mostly so other people can view my pics, but then they would be there if anything did happen to my computer), but i don't keep it updated as often as i should.

hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Southern Princess said...

YEA! Love our garage door openers!! I know gift cards galore this year! They go into my shopping list of places to go... only 9 more days til my shopping trip!!! Woo HOO!!!