Saturday, December 22, 2007


Sorry for the delay in posting..Leslie just left on Wednesday...such a great visit. She spoiled Isabel and played and played and played with her. That is after she go over the flu on Tuesday and Wednesday. We went to Target multiple's therapy. This past Sunday Church was cancelled again due to the 6inches of snow on the ground so we ran outside and made snow angels, went sledding down a hill on plastic garbage bags, took Isabel out in the snow...she HATED it. But I forced her to make a cute know angel anyways! As soon as we find the cord to download all the pictures I'll get them posted...besides Leslie will yell at me if it takes any longer. Merry Christmas! I'm off to shampoo my carpets before family comes on Monday.

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jennihaywood said...

Had fun talking with you today! Merry Christmas Traci!