Wednesday, December 12, 2007


There is this totally cute thing that my daughter has been doing for MONTHS! I'm not sure why I've never bragged about it in true proud mother fashion but here it goes. Isabel has been picking up a picture of Jesus (with out any prompting and shamefully with out us really talking about him in reference to his picture) and she'll hug it and kiss him. All the time. The first time I saw here do this was about 2.5 months ago and I was so happy. Well when we came back from my parents house we had a small glass nativity. Isabel took it out of the box and was playing with I said 'is that baby Jesus?' she kissed him and hugged him. Then decided she didn't want to leave Mary and Joseph out she hugged them also. It's so nice to know that the veil is so very thin with little ones and they still understand even if their parents forget to tell.

as a side not totally unrelated to Christmas, check out my sister's blog (Leslie's) for a hilarious video


Southern Princess said...

Tracy, that is such a beautiful sentiment. It is so envious sometimes of a child's ability to have that connection and memory while so young & innocent. Isabel is such a doll. I hope all your Christmas planning is going well! We love y'all!

Caroline said...

That is so sweet!

Can you please e-mail me your address to
Your Christmas card was sent back to me!